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Have you ever considered how much time tinkerers, like you, take up in having to reply to unnecessary queries, brought about because you can’t just simply turn it in and allow it to do it’s job?.
This rant coming after the intended setup is complete, only increases the satisfaction.

You already showed unmistakable signs of functional illiteracy with the previous judgemental post, leaving only a stale smell as if coming from the past, only I was kind enough to avoid putting a spotlight on them earlier.

The use of the phrase, "only increases the satisfaction" seems to imply some sort of taunt.

Then you accuse someone of "functional illteracy". This is a personal attack, which is not what this sort of forum is for, IMO.

It all work perfectly, except... Skydemon for some weirdness of their own can't see Rosetta.

Is the router function on? I'm guessing not, as it only appears when the second wlan is there...

Might not be needed as you may be on the same subnet...

If you can open a terminal app in Android, can you ping from it? Or can you see the phone's IP address on the WiFi? Select the i next to the wireless network for info on the phone...

Technical Support / Re: Loss of PAW 860-band transmission
« on: November 17, 2023, 05:52:06 pm »
At the Bristol Strut meeting last week Ashley suggested that the SD card may have problems so I am about to try out a new one.

This would be a good idea - a fresh card with new firmware, but before that take a screenshot of your settings on your phone.

Even if it is not the solution, it helps by the process of elimination.

Technical Support / Re: Power socket on Rosetta
« on: November 17, 2023, 05:49:05 pm »
Couldn’t get my power lead to work today, works ok if I hold it in place but then as soon as let go to natural plug in position of lead it loses power, tried another lead same thing so does anyone know if there’s a fix for this or is the whole unit u/s,

The are fixes for this but they are for the technically gifted, they involve soldering to fix the damaged micro USB if it's that or injecting the +5V via another part of the device.

I'd pick up the phone or email PAW support if I were you...

General Discussion / Re: Aircraft Flying Backwards
« on: November 09, 2023, 09:34:48 pm »
Is the firmware in his SE up to date? Is your PAW firmware up to date?

Has he got a transponder?

If his SE hasn't got GPS location it will not transmit...

If you mate is happy with SE then maybe best leave him be...

The following is just my opinion. A grown up like Lee or Keith may come along and mark my homework, whatever they say is gospel. I'm using a Huawei MiFi for my Internet access.

The iGrid network to access the Internet via your hotspot and your PAW feeding traffic info to anything on are two separate networks. That's why there's the internal Rosetta WiFi and a second iGrid WiFi network.

The "Router" function when turned on in the PAW will do just that, and route between the two. The IP addresses therefore do not need to be part of the same subnet.

I think you've over analysed it and should just set everything up as per the instructions, You do not need to reserve IP addresses. Even if things were as you say they were, you could just set your DHCP range to to, with the gateway at .254, and then would be a safe IP address anyway for that subnet. No reservation needed, but you've gone down a rabbit hole there. The iGrid and the PAW main Wifi are not the same network, so don't try to make them thus.

Leave the PAW base IP address as is. Connect the mobile phone to the PAW on the PilotAware-whatever network, which you should really change to G-YOURREG IMO.

Configure the MiFi/Internet router on a sensible subnet, mine as stock was gateway, with subnet, DHCP range is therefore a WGAF, but needs to exist for other devices and fault finding/config.

Turn on the PAW router function, connect to the MiFi, and then you will find (I was doing this last time out) that the split screen on your Android phone has PAW radar in one part of the split screen, SD on the other with traffic and internet access for winds and NOTAMs.

Rosetta is not exclusively a device connected to Android; later iPhones can make the hotspot and WiFi work simultaneously. I have seen this and watched it set up - there is a certain sequence to it that must be followed. Rosetta can't be constrained by Android, as the Android/iOS split in the UK allegedly close to 50%?

Use the portable hotspot as outlined above. Forget DHCP reservation, Ethernet connections, etc., etc.. Put it on a separate subnet, connect to it, and set the "Router" function on.

There is a gotcha with your Ethernet option - the router function is only on AIUI in the PAW if the second dongle is plugged in, so then the routing between subnets can only be turned on then.

Follow the destructions for best results.

Technical Support / Re: PAW via Bluetooth rather than Wifi
« on: November 02, 2023, 07:02:04 pm »
Looking at the network info available it would be useful to have other info on there as well as IP... subnet... gateway... even dns... so one can see what's happening.. I've got mine currently with one wireless dongle and an ethernet cable into my home router. I can access "paw.local" over my network and I can have a device that can connect to PAW's Wifi. However my local network's subnet is 192.168.1.*, and my router is and so conflicts with the PAW's network. So whilst a device can connect on the PAW wifi.. when it tries to access it can't...

It's a shame PAW didn't originally use, for example, 192.168.201.* for its subnet. Then there would never be conflict with home networks when one is fiddling at home.. doesn't really matter in real life but would have been good.

The BT Home Hub, which is one of the most common routers in the UK, uses for the gateway address. Make yours the same, reboot the router, job done. Just check the DHCP range gives you a number of fixed IP addresses from .1 to .63, for example, then the DHCP range from .64 to .127. You won't even need to change the subnet mask. Other devices that like this fixed IP address will be more easily configured on your home network.

In your example a subnet mask change would be needed on the router to see 1.1 from .201.*, I think.

Perhaps even advanced settings - for each network interface (ethernet, wifi dongle, GSM dongle - which I don't think is supported) ability to configure usage..

How many people would use them and would there be better uses of developer and beta testing time?

Technical Support / Re: PAW via Bluetooth rather than Wifi
« on: November 02, 2023, 03:45:23 pm »
It doesn't, there's now iGrid.

A fair few phones can run the connection in both directions, with the PAW using the phone hotspot and thus on the Internet but getting the SD traffic via Wifi.

iGRID Operating Instructions

Technical Support / Re: Phone timing out
« on: November 01, 2023, 12:22:36 pm »
is this a forum where you can get some help ?

Not wanting to give the wrong vibe, and everyone wants to help, but the help here tends to be PilotAware, not iPhone.

Searching Google, which would throw up something?

Start by searching this forum, after you have read this post?

How to Change Screen Timeout on iPhone 13 – Adjust Display Settings

Technical Support / Re: iGrid no longer “going green”
« on: October 30, 2023, 10:21:46 pm »
Is it possible to delete or forget all the other networks?

Technical Support / Re: PAW WiFi no longer available
« on: October 30, 2023, 08:47:08 pm »
Is it a Classic or a Rosetta?

If a Rosetta, then the main Wifi is integral and the dongle is for iGRid.

If the other USB device, the SDR, is getting hot, switch off, unplug it and start without it.

Same with the GPS.

One solution to try after all the ones above is to get another SD card, put a fresh version of the operating system on it and reinstall.

Keep the original card safe in case this is not the answer.

Technical Support / Re: Waiting for device
« on: October 22, 2023, 09:16:42 pm »
Well I wish I had read this thread before buying a “Samsung Galaxy A7 Lite” to replace my old iPad. (Skydemon are no longer supporting anything older than IOS10, so my trusty 11 year old ipad used only for SD, has become redundant as its stuck with iOS9)

I'm led to believe that what Skydemon can support with newer releases is controlled by Apple. It may be an Apple Store restriction that new releases can't go on for versions of iOS unsupported by Apple?

Some manufacturers of Android devices mess about way too much with stock Android, adding their own skins, bloatware and other unwanted crud to the devices.

It's best to stick with something close to vanilla Android, as it will get more use/snagging out in the field that the more exotic, down a rabbit hole rework of the OS used by likes of Oppo.

You may also be able to flash the tablet with something else when it's out of guarantee...

Technical Support / Re: iGrid no longer “going green”
« on: October 22, 2023, 09:13:50 am »
Is the "Router" function still enabled?

Technical Support / Re: Waiting for device
« on: October 17, 2023, 02:53:41 pm »
If only it was that easy, I already have this setup with iGrid on to a hotspot and get all the additional traffic and weather etc. but it doesn't help with my disconnections unfortunately.

As an engineer working in the field we often fix or diagnose problems by substitution. Given that most of us have iGRid working on other Android phones/tablets with no problems, it would be a good fault finding technique to swap out the tablet. If the fault goes, you are happy. If the fault remains, we can look at other areas for a more complicated fault, secure in the knowledge that the tablet has been exonerated.

Does the tablet get used for anything else and have you used a Wifi diagnostic tool to check RF levels? With a Wifi tool on a known working phone and the tablet in question  difference of received RF levels might be a clue. Also, you could see how well the tablet receives the PAW Wifi.

Why not just do it? There may be issues with the owner database, and theft is harder this way...

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