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General Discussion / Re: Flightradar24 track error
« on: October 21, 2021, 10:33:05 am »
I can’t work round the 512k file size for attachments, so limited images…Working on it, but iPhones have almost broken me…

I will sort the “save default profile “ issue now.

PAW Software versión 20201101.   Expiry 20211121

Will dig into the Funke configurations and report back.

Thanks again.


General Discussion / Re: Flightradar24 track error
« on: October 20, 2021, 01:59:49 pm »
My hex ID is wrong.   Currently set to FEDE60, which is the tail end of my SSID . 
Reset to correct hex, and seems to work .
Incidentally vector search on fede60 shows a reasonable polar diagram.  Moreover an “icao fede60” google doesn’t report another aircraft, so presumably the hardware is ok.
I have no idea when or how the hexID was changed. I have one software update and one iPad mini change in that time.  My setup test in June 2020 reports the correct hexID of 4075B1
Now to check if my Funke transponder has an issue. I seem to recall that it’s setup specifies a hexID. Should I be checking this ID regularly??? I would not have been aware of the issue had my colleagues not been following my route.

Thanks for the backup

General Discussion / Re: Flightradar24 track error
« on: October 19, 2021, 06:43:28 pm »
Hi Peter
I flew EGAD to EGNF on Sat 16th, in an approximately straight line.
Out journey ~ 1100 hrs, returning ~ 1500 hrs.

G-CMON, RV7   ICAO 4075B1

I currently use the internal dipole aerials, but I have acquired a pair of external aerials still awaiting installation on the belly. PAW/SkyDemon sees plenty of traffic, so I had thought it was working.

I’m well capable of misconfiguring things, but at initial setup I believe it passed the post install check.  I will hunt out that report.


General Discussion / Re: Flightradar24 track error
« on: October 19, 2021, 01:21:00 pm »
So I have absolutely nothing on Vector, despite flying around Lancashire a few days ago. And I have plenty of traffic showing on screen.  More research required.

General Discussion / Re: Flightradar24 track error
« on: October 19, 2021, 09:47:44 am »
Good thought.   I am grounded for a few days maintenance but will check this at earliest opportunity and report back. Thanks.

General Discussion / Flightradar24 track error
« on: October 18, 2021, 11:04:53 pm »
My colleagues followed my recent crossing of the Irish Sea on Flightradar24, and hugely enjoyed my zigzag route line.  Some deviations are 20 miles from track.  My SkyDemon log, using PAW as navigation source, shows my actual and much straighter route.
I also have an accurate breadcrumb trail on my Garmin GDL795. I filed a flight plan and used a Basic service from appropriate controllers all the way across, and nothing to suggest that my routing was strange.
So am I really sending out inaccurate position data?   I have a Funke transponder connected to PAW.
I’m not sure if FR gets its data from ground radar, or if it uses my extended squatter.  In any case I would hate to broadcast data that falsely suggests I may be breaching controlled airspace, or might send a rescue helicopter to an erroneous last known position when I ditch.
Do I need to check something? Pointers would be appreciated.

General Discussion / Re: Colours
« on: February 07, 2021, 04:24:52 pm »
Hi Peter
One possible test would be to mock up a few example screens to check readability / serviceability / acceptability etc .  My guess is that it would take very little tweaking of font attributes to make a noticeable difference without being distracting. 
I now understand the epilepsy reference. However the flash rate could perhaps be chosen so as to minimise this issue.
I don’t know how much work would be involved, and whether the investment would be considered worthwhile. I’m always happy to be involved with feedback if someone else does the coding. We have been COVID grounded here for so long now that I scarcely remember what the cockpit environment feels like. Moreover, I don’t know if we yet have the ground facilities here ( EGAD )to use weather data.
  I believe that the PAW radar screen could be a lifesaver. Sorting the colour issues would be awesome.


General Discussion / Re: Colours
« on: February 05, 2021, 11:14:55 pm »
I do like the metar screen.  All the information and no distraction.
The radar screen remains an issue, although I’m not sure how often I would be depending on it to get out of trouble.
I have been agitating on SkyDemon about this issue, but their planning screen effectively surrounds red areas with a yellow margin, so there are sufficient clues there to guide me away from bad weather. However theirs is explicitly not an airborne facility, unlike PAW radar.
My early suggestion to use flashing red should be taken as a more general plea to consider other formatting methods. ( Steveu sorry I’m not familiar with Harding)  This forum reply box has bold/ italic/ underline /.etc.etc etc  Maybe there is an emoticon that would work.  ?
I appreciate the fact that you are at least giving the subject some consideration.   

General Discussion / Re: Colours
« on: February 01, 2021, 02:11:52 pm »
Metar text is fine. I see 2 shades of blue and lots of red. And should there be adjacent red & green lines I could possibly tell the difference. But there might be green lines in there!  I just can’t tell.
 Your PAW radar display has isolated text in separate locations, on a black background, so I would find it very difficult to be sure what colour they are.
I don’t want to come across as making ridiculous and impractical demands, with a huge cost in terms of coding, but there is something in this issue that I need to ventilate. 
Imagine a public venue is inaccessible to wheelchair users because the available entrances are all turnstiles.  And moreover, it cost relatively little to provide a suitable door. Wheelchair users wouldn’t remain silent and excluded for long.
The disability analogy is inaccurate however, because colourblindness is only a disability when the specified standard colours ignore the realities of colour vision in so many pilots.
I use PilotAware and SkyDemon every time I fly. Both are awesome contributors to flying safety. Last week I became aware that SD is also introducing a weather feature on their display, and guess is used to display go/no go information !
I would urge you to “consider” a few options.   Can you make the red text on your radar screen flash, or use a different font, / outline text, use your genius to make me go away......
Rant over.  Peace !

General Discussion / Colours
« on: February 01, 2021, 12:13:19 am »
I was pleased to see that it could be possible to receive useful weather reports via PAW.  Really pleased.   And then quite irritated to learn that I, along with ~8% of the UK population can’t use it.  Because red/green colours are used to display critical information.

Surely this is a case where other visual effects could be relatively easily employed. Take your pick of the hundreds of text options in a word processor .... just please drop the red/green thing!

You might just make it possible for me to pick out a useable airfield some day when the clouds start rolling in. 

Best regards

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