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General Discussion / Flightradar24 track error
« on: October 18, 2021, 11:04:53 pm »
My colleagues followed my recent crossing of the Irish Sea on Flightradar24, and hugely enjoyed my zigzag route line.  Some deviations are 20 miles from track.  My SkyDemon log, using PAW as navigation source, shows my actual and much straighter route.
I also have an accurate breadcrumb trail on my Garmin GDL795. I filed a flight plan and used a Basic service from appropriate controllers all the way across, and nothing to suggest that my routing was strange.
So am I really sending out inaccurate position data?   I have a Funke transponder connected to PAW.
I’m not sure if FR gets its data from ground radar, or if it uses my extended squatter.  In any case I would hate to broadcast data that falsely suggests I may be breaching controlled airspace, or might send a rescue helicopter to an erroneous last known position when I ditch.
Do I need to check something? Pointers would be appreciated.

General Discussion / Colours
« on: February 01, 2021, 12:13:19 am »
I was pleased to see that it could be possible to receive useful weather reports via PAW.  Really pleased.   And then quite irritated to learn that I, along with ~8% of the UK population can’t use it.  Because red/green colours are used to display critical information.

Surely this is a case where other visual effects could be relatively easily employed. Take your pick of the hundreds of text options in a word processor .... just please drop the red/green thing!

You might just make it possible for me to pick out a useable airfield some day when the clouds start rolling in. 

Best regards

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