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General Discussion / Re: Pilot Aware Vector Tool not showing Mode S
« Last Post by Gary Nelson on Today at 05:48:27 am »
Hi Peter

1. The last 5 digits are AEA32

2.  I received a new PAW key on 26th Sept 2021. I thought I entered that and also thought I upgraded the SW. I will check both tomorrow and report back

Many thanks

General Discussion / Re: Pilot Aware Vector Tool not showing Mode S
« Last Post by exfirepro on January 24, 2022, 09:26:57 pm »
Hi Gary,

The reason for no Mode-S reports on Vector is the easy bit and has been publicised several times here and elsewhere since shortly after the Vector Tool was first introduced.

Mode S reports were available in the early days of Vector development and worked extremely well (I have several examples on file). The problem was that when the Tool was released and made freely available to all (not just PilotAware Users) on the PilotAware website, we rapidly found that we were having to store ever increasing amounts of Mode-S data on the servers to meet the demand and that the processing and levels of data required to create and display Mode S reports was significantly affecting other more important functions. The decision was therefore taken to suspend the provision of Mode S reports, but to leave the option in place so it can be easily reactivated if/when the problem is resolved. Reports on your ADSB, Flarm and PilotAware transmissions should however be available.

OK, I have just looked up your ICAO Hex from previous posts and checking the PilotAware Database (from which the Vector reports are compiled), I can find plenty of recent ADSB and FLARM reports, but no PilotAware reports under your official ICAO Hex since 23 September last year - which explains why there are no PilotAware Reports on Vector as they are based on something like the last 30 days of data.

For some reason your PilotAware stopped transmitting using your ICAO Hex Code after 23rd September. This could be because the licence key for your unit expired, or the previously correctly set Hex ID for some reason reverted to the initially allocated ‘MAC based’ default instead of your correct ICAO Hex. Unfortunately I can’t check for reports under the MAC derived Hex is as I don’t have access to the section of the database containing your MAC address. You can, however, get it from your PilotAware or from your last licensing renewal paperwork (I need the last 5 figures from the 12 digit MAC starting B827EB... to recheck the database).

This could also (at least in part) explain the presence of your ‘duplicate aircraft’, though there are a number of other areas which we may also need to investigate.

Firstly, you need to check that all of your devices are set to transmit the same identifier - namely your officially allocated ICAO Hex code.

Secondly, can you confirm that you have updated your PilotAware software to the latest (20220101) release? (which contains a number improvements designed to minimise the possibility of this type of problem).

If neither of these resolves the issue we will need to investigate further.

Please let me know how you get on.

Best Regards

General Discussion / Pilot Aware Vector Tool not showing Mode S
« Last Post by Gary Nelson on January 24, 2022, 06:42:47 pm »
I have a Rosetta with a Flarm mouse plugged into it and feeding into Sky Demon. I also have a Funke transponder that transmits Modes S and uncertified ADSB. I have noticed the PAW Vector tool shows a strong signal for my Flarm and ADSB but zero signal for PAW and Mode S? I have checked four other plane HEX codes that I know transmit PAW and Mode S. While these show PAW, none of them show Mode S either? Any idea?

Not sure if related to above, but flying back from Sandown on Saturday with 3 other planes (all of us with PAW) one pilot could see two of me on his Sky Demon. See two red planes on below (both me). The real "me" directly behind in his 6 o'clock but also doppelgänger me some way off in his 4 o'clock . Recently I have also noticed I sometimes see myself twice on Sky Demon with my doppelgänger in my 6 o'clock lagging slightly behind "me"? It would be good to understand what is going on and how to stop it.

thank you so  much !! all clear now
Technical Support / Re: Altitude transmitted by PAW is on 1013 or the "correct" one?
« Last Post by exfirepro on January 21, 2022, 11:08:46 pm »

What Lee has explained is that the software in PAW is clever enough to know whether it is comparing altitude with a Mode C or Mode S transponder, an MLAT report originally generated from a transponder, or ADSB (whether DF17 from a transponder or DF18 from a SkyEcho) - in which case it calculates relative altitude using its inbuilt barometric cell, - or with another PilotAware or Flarm transmitter - in which case it uses GPS altitude.

In all cases it calculates the correct relative altitude, which is then passed to the EFB and displayed.

Hope this helps clarify the position.


oooh! Now I see. So last thing just to be sure - when PAW decides about making or not making Audio Alert or say when I see other traffic relative altitude in Skydemon - that one is though comparing received Pressure Altitude to the Pressure Altitude (not GPS altitude) measured by the PAW unit?
Technical Support / Re: Altitude transmitted by PAW is on 1013 or the "correct" one?
« Last Post by Admin on January 21, 2022, 01:05:55 pm »
ATOM will only rebroadcast
- FLARM and MLAT/Mode-S/3D

PilotAware and ADSB are received directly

The ATOM station does not rebroadcast height information for MLAT/Mode-S/3D
That height information is received directly on the Rosetta Mode-S receiver, and compared against the local barometric

General Discussion / Re: Any Flight track websites with replay ???
« Last Post by exfirepro on January 20, 2022, 03:45:07 pm »
Thanks, Got it. I will get back to you shortly.



Hi Lee! Thank you for your reply. That is understood, but makes me wonder then how does it work in case of the OGN rebroadcast?

Say, I am receiving OGN rebroadcast about two aircraft 1) with PAW onboard 2) With ADS-B OUT or even Mode S MLAT. Does it mean that for 1 I will receive rebroadcast of the GPS altitude; and for 2 of the Pressure Altitude? Or are the two somehow brought together to the same datum at some point?

Or when another Aircraft (say ADS-B out) is detected by me directly and transmits PA, does that mean their transmitted altitude is compared against PAW internal Pressure Altitude (which I do not see)?
General Discussion / Re: Any Flight track websites with replay ???
« Last Post by Gonch on January 20, 2022, 12:55:45 pm »
PM sent
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