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Technical Support / Split-screen display
« Last Post by DerekJ on Today at 07:34:39 pm »
The split-screen display works fine for me on an Android tablet and an iPad Mini 4. But in both cases a lot of the radar display is taken up by the address bar and tabs. Has anyone managed to get the browser to display full screen so you don't lose this space?
OGN-R PilotAware / Re: Metal ATOM Case?
« Last Post by ikcarusflyer on Today at 10:54:58 am »
This is no secret. We have built several of these using the Nebra case with power over ethernet. There are about 12 in use. They are more expensive than other cases but work well if you want to have the case outside using PoE. Very little is totally waterproof and if it is one also has to consider diurnal heating and condensation but we have been working on this and have some solutions. If you want to install one at your site drop us an email at OGN@pilotaware .com

I will indeed Keith! Is providing direct contact between the case and the RPi (for thermal transfer) then filling the case with GEL something that might work?
Technical Support / Re: Mixed data feeds
« Last Post by Ian Melville on Today at 09:59:47 am »
Thanks Lee, I will try and get that from The aircraft next weekend.
Technical Support / Re: Network Settings page not showing the GRID part
« Last Post by Admin on Today at 07:22:52 am »
Hi Peter
Your memory serves you well !

Having 2 gps is not a problem, if for instance one loses a lock, messages from the other will continue to be used

Technical Support / Re: Mixed data feeds
« Last Post by Admin on Today at 07:20:36 am »
Hi Ian

2 things can help here
Firstly the track file from the unit
Secondly the icao of the aircraft allegedly jumping around
This should be enough to decode what is happening
Technical Support / Mixed data feeds
« Last Post by Ian Melville on August 14, 2022, 11:00:34 pm »
I was on the ground yesterday looking at a complex PAW instalation, that the owner reported discrpencies between a PAW Classic installed with Power Flarm feed and mouse, and a standalone Rosetta. Both in range of an ATOM station.
I occasionally saw missing traffic, but the one that got me was an aircraft in the circut that kept jumping a couple of miles to the north of the circuit and back. Owner disconnected the FLARM and ADSB antenna and the jumping stopped.
Aircraft location remained correct for both units, so not a GPS issue.
Line of sight may have been obstructed at times.
I first suspected that it may be an MLAT report that is intermitantly being used, but that would not make sense as MLAT is sent to both units on the PAW frequncy. So is this an issue with FLARM direct from the aircraft in the circuit to the PF unit?
Unfortunatly I had simulator sessions to run so was not able to check the traffic table etc. Are there any logs that can help?
Technical Support / Re: Network Settings page not showing the GRID part
« Last Post by exfirepro on August 14, 2022, 08:54:05 pm »

You are of course correct - Gary’s  FlarmMouse will supply GPS messages if the external GPS mouse is disconnected, but when we did the initial Flarm Integration trials, I recall that we found that using the FlarmMouse GPS data for PilotAware proved extremely unreliable - not least because the FlarmMouse GPS antenna is much smaller than either of the PilotAware ones in use at the time (uBlox6 mouse or uBlox7 dongle). We were sufficiently concerned that we (you) communicated with LXNav about this at the time, but although they accepted our evidence they were pretty non-commital about discussing the matter further, so we resolved to recommend the use of a dedicated PilotAware GPS on the basis that if/when connected, PilotAware would always prioritise this over any other GPS source..

From that point, I myself continued to run my PilotAware with a GPS mouse during FlarmMouse Integration and would have openly suggested that to others in similar situations, so wasn’t surprised to find Gary doing the same.

Hope this helps.

Best Regards


Technical Support / Re: Network Settings page not showing the GRID part
« Last Post by Admin on August 14, 2022, 08:12:15 pm »
Hi Gary
If I recall correctly, you should not require a gps mouse, the flarm mouse will provide gps messages
Ideally, the whole thing, unless Lee can sort me out a temp licence for a spare Pi to install PAW onto? 
I borrowed the Pi from my previous test bench to fix something else that had an "accident" during some development work...

Drop me a PM here or send me a mail to the address on the Charge4 website and I'll give you the address, or take it from the invoice from your charger purchase.  Return shipping would be £12 + VAT.

Lee, I have a spare Pi 3 Model B v1.2 is that suitable? Would I just need to send you the MAC address from the PAW status page on it?  The Host ID of my spare Pi is B827EB23B6C6  ;D
I'd like to take you up on that.  I took the bridge off and examined it for physical damage; it looks perfect.  Reinstalled it and had another go, transmit speed set to 0kts, and GPS locked on: nothing in the waterfall.  It would be good to have its u/s status confirmed before I source another bridge.
Presumably I just post the bridge?
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