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General Discussion / Re: My portable PilotAware just got a lot more portable!
« Last Post by bladeslapper on October 22, 2021, 05:33:25 pm »

Good job putting all the words to go with my inappropriately brief post ;-)
General Discussion / Re: My portable PilotAware just got a lot more portable!
« Last Post by exfirepro on October 21, 2021, 11:26:25 pm »
Hi again bladeslapper,

Adding 90degree SMA male to female adaptors between the Rosetta antennas and their connectors certainly appears to be a worthwhile mod to minimise potential antenna damage for a unit that is regularly taken in and out of the aircraft and transported in a bag with other equipment. There will, however, inevitably be some degree of signal degradation due to loss in adding an additional connector, though this should be minimal (usually estimated to be in the region of 1dB per additional connector in each line).

For any of you reading this thread and perhaps concerned that it leaves bladeslapper's GPS hidden under the battery, I recommend that you also read bladeslapper's previous Rosetta modification thread, here...,1975.msg21050.html#msg21050

Best Regards


General Discussion / My portable PilotAware just got a lot more portable!
« Last Post by bladeslapper on October 21, 2021, 10:37:53 pm »
This has made it loads better. Far fewer snags and hopefully I won't keep breaking the aerials with my headset bag now!
General Discussion / Re: Flightradar24 track error
« Last Post by exfirepro on October 21, 2021, 08:34:22 pm »
Hi Frank,

I have sent you a PM via the message board.

Best Regards
General Discussion / Re: Flightradar24 track error
« Last Post by frankmcm on October 21, 2021, 10:33:05 am »
I can’t work round the 512k file size for attachments, so limited images…Working on it, but iPhones have almost broken me…

I will sort the “save default profile “ issue now.

PAW Software versión 20201101.   Expiry 20211121

Will dig into the Funke configurations and report back.

Thanks again.


General Discussion / Re: Flightradar24 track error
« Last Post by exfirepro on October 20, 2021, 07:30:25 pm »
Hi Frank,

Thanks for the feedback.

That's one of the things we would have checked / seen from the requested screenshots. FEDE60 is obviously the 'default' Hex ID of your PAW, based on the last 6 digits of the unit's 'MAC' address - and allocated to the PAW automatically during pre-dispatch setup and testing. This, along with other 'default' settings is held in a default profile*, which is normally superseded when you create and save your own 'profile' during initial setup of your unit prior to your first flight. I have no way of checking your initial setup as there are as I say no reports on the database from 4075B1** and the earliest reports from FEDE60 start from 23 April 2021 and continue until 16 October 2021 from ground stations as far apart as Kilkeel, East Fortune and Edinburgh West, and the West and South West of England. The most likely explanation therefore in view of the lack of reports from 4075B1 is that the initial profile was set up and the post install check done, but that profile was either not saved or somehow inadvertently reverted back to the default at some time between the initial setup and 23 April 2021. Whilst historically we have had reports of units reverting to the default profile during updates or licence renewals, this was a bug which was sorted a long time ago, so this is unlikely to be relevant with the current software versions***. I am however aware of at least two recent cases where aircraft which I know personally have been operating on their correct ICAO Hex ID and have mysteriously reverted to the default, but I suspect that these were almost certainly finger-induced errors.

* Profiles are created to allow the unit to be 'swapped' between aircraft with minimal fuss and can be found from a button at the bottom of the PAW Configure Screen. They are created by re-configuring the unit to match each aircraft in which it is likely to be used, then 'Saving' each set of settings as an individual 'Profile'. The desired profile can then be be selected at will prior to flight in a different aircraft.

** With the exception of the single 'ping' from 4075B1 reported by PWShiren on 14th May, which is almost certainly a rogue transmission of some sort.

*** Unless of course you are still running old software - the latest released version is 20201101

Re your Funke Transponder - in view of the numerous recent reports on the database from your PAW transmissions, and the complete lack of reports for ADSB from either Hex ID, it is pretty certain that your transponder is NOT transmitting Mode-S/ES ADS-B, so this obviously needs further investigation. You can find several threads on this subject by searching 'Funke' from the Forum Home Page. Please feel free to come back to us for help if you need it.

Best Regards

General Discussion / Re: Flightradar24 track error
« Last Post by frankmcm on October 20, 2021, 01:59:49 pm »
My hex ID is wrong.   Currently set to FEDE60, which is the tail end of my SSID . 
Reset to correct hex, and seems to work .
Incidentally vector search on fede60 shows a reasonable polar diagram.  Moreover an “icao fede60” google doesn’t report another aircraft, so presumably the hardware is ok.
I have no idea when or how the hexID was changed. I have one software update and one iPad mini change in that time.  My setup test in June 2020 reports the correct hexID of 4075B1
Now to check if my Funke transponder has an issue. I seem to recall that it’s setup specifies a hexID. Should I be checking this ID regularly??? I would not have been aware of the issue had my colleagues not been following my route.

Thanks for the backup

General Discussion / Re: Flightradar24 track error
« Last Post by exfirepro on October 19, 2021, 11:11:30 pm »
Hi Frank,

Ditto to the above requests.

I take it you are based at (or near) Newtownards? PilotAware Ground Stations are unfortunately still very thin on the ground in N.I. (only 3 sites at Derry/Londonderry, Tandragee and Kilkeel), so I wouldn't necessarily expect great reports from the Newtownards area.

ATOM Ground Stations are, however, much more common over here on the UK mainland and as you flew from Newtownards direct to Netherthorpe on Sat 16th October, you will have passed a considerable number of them during that flight, yet I can find only one single report for 4075B1 in the PAW database, and that is a single P3i 'ping' at 66Km from PWShireN (near Chepstow) back on the 14th of May, with no record whatever either before or since, and no record whatever of any active ADS-B transmissions (which at much higher power would be more easily received at range). This clearly indicates to me that there is definitely something wrong with your equipment, setup or both.

This could be something as simple as that your PilotAware Licence has expired, but sight of the requested screenshots should help us identify the problem, or at least point us in the right direction as to the likely cause.

Best Regards Meantime
General Discussion / Re: Flightradar24 track error
« Last Post by Admin on October 19, 2021, 09:26:38 pm »
+ Configure page
General Discussion / Re: Flightradar24 track error
« Last Post by Ian Melville on October 19, 2021, 08:36:43 pm »
Frank, Can you show us screenshots of the home pages and status page of your PAW?
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