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Update from today

I did a couple of hours in the heli today and the new arrangement seems to work fine despite the GPS receiver being in pretty much the worst possible position (see pic). The only thing I noticed were a few occasions where the traffic near me seemed to jump around. It did occur to me that this might be if I have lost position data and it jumped to assuming I was facing north?

How do I go about analysing the logs to quantify the quality of the GNSS data? I have them on my PC and open in notepad++ which I have identified as not ideal!
General Discussion / Re: EC Rebate - thoughts, time scales, etc...
« Last Post by bladeslapper on December 01, 2020, 10:50:12 pm »
yeah mine was pretty quick too. I was already signed up to the portal so that bit was easy. I uploaded the invoice just under 2 weeks ago and got the acceptance email through yesterday. Just awaiting the money to land now.

A cynic would comment - surprisingly quick for our authority.....
OGN-R PilotAware / Re: OGN Upgrade - ATOM ground station
« Last Post by steveu on December 01, 2020, 07:21:42 pm »
OGN 0.2.8 is now detecting FANET only devices.

After the rebate is over, this is the affordable end of EC for HG/PG appearing on all FANET instruments, plus weather station upload.

Do we think we'll be uploading FANET to Rosettas? There will be some duplication with the FLARM TX element  of FANET+, which will need to be filtered, but these foxy looking FANET modules, with Bluetooth connection to the EFBs running on mobile phones will be all the rage soon.

Modules are about $50 with 3D printed case. No FLARM tx yet, but not sure how far off that is...

General Discussion / Re: Letting new members in?
« Last Post by Admin on December 01, 2020, 09:52:38 am »
I think we've got at least one new person wanting to join but waiting for admin approval?
apologies for the tardiness  :-[
General Discussion / Letting new members in?
« Last Post by steveu on December 01, 2020, 09:46:59 am »
I think we've got at least one new person wanting to join but waiting for admin approval?
General Discussion / Aerial/Antenna fitting to a Luscombe 8
« Last Post by PeterD on November 29, 2020, 10:40:05 am »
Hi all,
 looking for information from other Luscombe 8 owners on aerial/antenna installation for PAW external fit. Or other similar aircraft.
I have a Trig TT22, TN72, TA70 and AV74 Antenna. So now have ADS-B out.
AV74 fitted just forward of frame 4.
Strobe about frame 3. Wind generator about frame 2.
Thinking of putting PAW antennas, forward of wind generator, ie between frame 1 and 2.
Any thoughts / suggestions / or what have others done ?
Kindest regards,     Peter

Technical Support / Re: Unable to change GroupID
« Last Post by GrahamBaker on November 28, 2020, 04:08:08 pm »
Thanks Peter,

IIRC I wasn’t trying to change the current custom ID to anything particularly weird. I don’t think it even let me blank out what was there.

I’ll do some more controlled testing when I’m next at the aircraft in the next day or two.

Edit: Mysteriously, I went back to change the profile concerned to exactly the same value today and all worked first time! Thanks anyway. 
Technical Support / Re: Unable to change GroupID
« Last Post by exfirepro on November 28, 2020, 03:23:45 pm »
Hi Graham,

What were you trying to change it to?

I haven't come across this before, though I had it in the back of my mind that there was a character limit, so just tried setting up a new profile on my spare 'test' Rosetta.

Set up a completely new Profile - including a change of Group ID to EOSM and it worked and saved as expected.

Then tried a longer Group ID BUCKINGHAM - also OK, but BUCKINGHAMPALACE was cut off to BUCKINGHAMPA - i.e. a maximum of 12 characters.

OK so next I tried two words with a space (EOSM GROUP) - This was rejected - but EOSM-GROUP (with a hyphen) was OK.

So it looks like there is a limit of 12 characters, but with no 'spaces'. There may also be a restriction on some other 'non-standard or unusual characters'.

Perhaps Lee can confirm.

If this is correct, I will ask the guys to add it to the next revision of the user manual.


Technical Support / Re: Unable to change GroupID
« Last Post by GrahamBaker on November 28, 2020, 06:06:10 am »
Is this an issue, or am I doing something wrong?
Technical Support / Re: Wiring into Trig TT21 - is it worth it?
« Last Post by exfirepro on November 27, 2020, 08:42:40 am »
Morning Chris,

There are lots of Eurostar Owners with permanent fits of PilotAware. IIRC from posts on the 'EV-97 Eurostar Forum' over on Facebook, there are a couple of 'redundant jig holes' underneath the aircraft near the wing roots which are ideally positioned to take the external antennas and which the relevant authorities have already agreed you can drill out to size for this purpose. Several well known Eurostar Owner/Users (including Paul D Kiddell) have posted comprehensive info on PilotAware fits over on Facebook recently and there is a wealth of information available. Definitely worth a search of their Forum and they are very amenable to requests for advice.

Best Regards


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