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Hot Pi
« on: October 19, 2015, 08:36:21 pm »

That was fun while it lasted :(

Managed to boot up the Pi, let the system install itself, confirm DVB and WiFi working, grab the MAC address, and acquire my license key.  All this from an iPad2 power supply.  Today at work, the device powered up OK from the front panel of a desktop, and having plugged in the license key, picked up a passing Seneca on Sky Demon!  Excellent!

Got home tonight to see if I can pick up more aircraft with the aerial positioned higher up and by a window, and the device briefly worked - connected to my iPhone and position supplied back to Sky Demon, though no traffic displayed.  Logged on with my ipad to see if I could see any ADSB entries on the log.... and the device died on me.

Green light flashing, no red light.  Remove card, and green light stays on permanently.

Tried a different power supply (though this one was working fine), and have removed WiFi and DVB dongles to conserve power.

Box getting hot... took it apart, and D5 is blisteringly hot.  Cools down quickly enough once power removed, but soon as you reconnect it heats up again - within a couple of seconds.

So, I think the Pi power supply if pooched.  I'd buy another one, but I want to know why it's blown first.