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Ian Melville

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Cool name, no prizes for guesing why itís called that. 😀
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Hi All,

Not a 'New' station, but we finally moved PWEfortun (East Fortune OGN-R) from inside the clubhouse caravan (on small antennas) to its permanent site inside the hanger yesterday  - with full external antennas on the hangar roof (see photo - now that's what I call a 'Trident' Keith).

We've still to do some tidying up of the cabling as we are anticipating a new microwave broadband link being installed next week, but the station is already showing good 1090 MLAT coverage and pulled in a glider from Portmoak this morning (43 Kms), despite several closer OGN stations, so OGN performance is looking good. The wind is currently 30G42Kt so no PAW traffic flying at the moment, but it's still early days.

Best Regards

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Ya mita taken a new foti when they were ALL wired up.   ;D


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Hi Alan,

I wondered who would be the first to notice.  :-\  (I might have known)

(As you are well aware... ) was pitch dark by the time we finished the setup yesterday evening, so I used a photo taken on Monday - before we added the cables to the PAW and 1090 antennas - Sorry  :-[. I will swap in a new photo when I get one.



p.s. just for comparison and to balance things up, hereís a photo I took today of Alanís smart new outdoor antenna setup on PWEdinbuW (with cables)!
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Andrewsfield (EGSL) is up and Running. Bit of a fiddly job due to poor estimation on RF cable lengths (not Keiths fault!) and having to run a new ethernet cable up to the tower and install a small switch but Overall it went well.

Antennas. A bit cramped but the best we could do

ADSB Reception is impressive

Quite hopeful for this site as the elevation is the highest place around for at least ten miles. Watching a club 152 depart however. on the 360Radar, we lost it less than a mile out. I think the PAW sits on the coaming and the antenna is allowed to flop down. Results on the OGN site are already starting to look a bit more promising.

One observation though, on 360Radar, the PAWs label on the ground didn't show any callsign, just their height. This was both from the departing 152 whose Reg didn't show until he was about half a mile out, and my Rosetta that I had in the tower with me.

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Hi Vic

Look's like a great job.
I can get you more cable if you need it when I get back.
Also looks like the issues that you are having are configuration based
The PAW tracked today from Frinton on Sea to Bury St Edmunds shows good PAW Range in that direction.
Lets talk when I get back

Thanks again for your help