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This can be a bit of a grey area as there is a significant difference between a 'Charger' - designed to replenish the energy in (for example) a phone or camera and a 'Power Bank' - designed to carry out the above function but also capable of powering a device longer term, though the waters are very 'muddy', with some companies products clearly at odds with my descriptions.

Anker make a massive range of portable Power Banks and Chargers, some of which may not be suitable for PilotAware so we need to be careful in what we recommend. This model is new to me, so I checked on Anker's website ...

It appears that the Anker 15600 (model A1252) is basically a slightly lower capacity version of the ones I have traditionally used for longer-term testing away from a mains or aircraft supply (namely the PowerCore 20100).

As with the 20100, it is rated at 4.8Amps and by the look of it, it will run PilotAware fine.

I am therefore now happy to recommend any of the following 'Known Good' Anker Battery Options in Size/Capacity order : -

Powercore 10000, PowerCore 10400, Powercore 13000, PowerCore 15600 and PowerCore 20100 edit and PowerCore Elite 20000

I am slightly more hesitant to recommend some of the newer 'Intelligent' chargers on the market without personal experience of them - as some are designed to provide high current only during the early part of the charge cycle but this is not sustained over time, which could lead to dropouts later. Anyone using one of these NOT listed above, I would be interested to hear from you.

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Hi Peter

I've been using the PowerCore Elite 20000 and I've had no problems, also the battery life is brilliant  :)



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Thanks Alan,

Added to the list.




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I took delivery of an Anker Power Drive5 the other day, and tried it in anger for the first time today...

Powered from the accessory socket in the heli, and ran all day, with the PAW, two ipads and the Bluetooth transmitter hooked in at the same time...

Everything powered up and ran exactly as they should - no hiccups at all.

Saves having to recharge the Power Companions that I normally use (I did take one with me just in case...)

Velcro'd to the side of the instrument panel within reach of the devices - not much noticeable extra cabling visible either !!

Pilotaware user ...


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Hi Sean,

Glad to hear you are having positive results with your Anker PowerDrive 5. I know several PilotAware users who use these - including AlanG and (I think) KeithVinning. I have also tried one with great success, though I now use one of Jeremy C's excellent 'Charge 4' units

Glad to see the PowerDrive 5's are back on Amazon UK as they were 'unavailable' for some time when I last looked.

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