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Open Glider Network and PilotAware
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There has been much speculation in recent months about the strange appearance of aircraft with the registration up-ogn. I can tell you that this is a result of work in which we have been engaged over the winter months with Pawel Jalocha, Guy Glover and many other active and passionate contributors at the OGN.

UpLink OGN
up-ogn appearing on your traffic screen, indicates that traffic data is being uplinked over P3i from a combined OGN/PAW groundstation. This is a result of an enhanced version of the OGN Receiver which contains additional Hardware and Software for decoding PilotAware traffic. This system then performs a bi-directional share of traffic data between the OGN and PilotAware.
OGN Traffic (in the vicinity of your position) is prioritized and sent to your receiver, additionally PilotAware traffic is sent back to the OGN network to be used as part of the OGN traffic viewers and Search and Rescue (SAR) tools.

Please Register your Aircraft on the OGN
The OGN offers many features including tracking and Search and Rescue (SAR), by registering your aircraft, then when in range of a groundstation, your movements are tracked by the network, and if you get into any trouble your last movements can be consulted, this system is active now, and will be used as an aide - should you get into difficulty, so please sign up here :-
OGN Register Your Device
We recommend you use the ICAO code allocated to your airframe which can be found on GINFO here :-
GINFO search
If you do not have an ICAO code allocated, I understand you can request one from the CAA, alternately use the Automatic code assigned within the PilotAware Hardware, and register as an OGN code.

LAA Article for May edition
A detailed article will appear in the May edition of the LAA - Light Aviation magazine, once this has been release we will post a link to the full article. This goes into great detail of how the system works, and what benefits it can bring to us as Pilots.

Deployment - Increasing the Coverage
In the article we discuss the ongoing trial which has been setup in Warwickshire and Leicestershire, but crosses into parts of Worcestershire, Gloucestershire, Northamptonshire and Oxfordshire. The trial has proven that the technology which was the main aim during the last 6 months. Now we need help in increasing the coverage by installing OGN/PAW new receivers at sites not yet covered by the network, and enhancing existing receivers already part of the network, we will be providing more information of how this can be achieved, and more importantly how the rest of our community can help in the deployment.

Many Thanks to all who have helped so far in this initiative, we think this is a very exciting development and hope our supporters will help in the improvement in safety by supporting the OGN in further deployment of their network and ground infrastructure

This is only a brief introduction to what has been done to date, and more information will be forthcoming shortly.

Many Thanks
PilotAware Team
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