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Radio License?
« on: March 24, 2017, 08:27:03 am »
Hi Guys,
I am asked by my CAMO whether the transmitter (500mw erp) complies with IR 2030 in all respects for an installed pilot aware.
That being the case then no specific installation approval will be required for an Easa Aircraft as it will not need to be entered on the radio license.
Can anyone help with this subject?


Re: Radio License?
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The PilotAware radio bridge has been tested to and meets the final draft ETSI EN 300 220-1 V2.4.1 (2012-01) which is referenced in IR2030 in section 1.

This is
European Norm - Electromagnetic compatibility and Radio spectrum Matters (ERM); Short range devices; Technical characteristics and test methods for radio equipment to be used in the 25 MHz to 1 000 MHz frequency range with power levels ranging up to 500 mW; Part 1: Parameters intended for regulatory purposes.

PilotAware comes under section

2014/88/UK June 2014
Non-specific short-range devices
Equipment may be used airborne
869.40- 869.65 MHz
500 mW e.r.p.
Techniques to access spectrum and mitigate interference that provide at least equivalent performance to the techniques described in harmonised standards adopted under Directive 1999/5/EC must be used. This can include for example Listen Before Talk. Alternatively a duty cycle limit of 10 % may be used.

This can be found on page 22

Hope this helps.p us informed.

We will all be interested on how you get on with the EASA installation. Please keep us informed.