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Hi Lee

Thanks for the reply, I have posted comments in the 'enhancements' section as suggested.

Hi Dave  The panel on our 1050 is a bit crowded in that corner and I do like to keep an eye on the fuel gauges......


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Hi all,

I'm doing some research into collision avoidance / positional reporting systems used in aviation, and I'm interested in the technical details behind the Open-P3I protocol.

A little bit of background, I'm a final year university student (Electrical & Electronic Engineering) and as part of my degree I'm required to undertake a project. The topic for this is up to us, and since I have a keen interest in aviation I'm looking at doing some kind of air traffic receiver and decoder.

 I'm only in the initial research stage at the moment so for now I'm simply trying to understand how feasible it is to receive and decode information from the different systems available (at the moment I'm looking at ADS-B, P3I, FLARM and OGN).

I have not yet published the header file for the packet structure as part of the Open-P3I format,
you will need this to decode correctly, I can let you have this as a side file.

Has there been any official documentation on P3I released yet? Otherwise would it be possible to have a copy of this header file?

Reason I'm asking is that I'm trying to log any received P3I packets on a ground station linux machine.

This is pretty much what I'm planning too. Any information on P3I or advice in general would be greatly appreciated!



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Hi Matt,

I will email you directly to help you out.