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Adding Posts - Please read before posting
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Please use the Technical Support Category for setup and operational questions / problems

Simply click 'New Topic', provide a Subject, eg "Cannot find WiFi HotSpot", then provide
the text description, detailing your problem

We want to try and answer the questions in one central place, so that other users can learn from each others experiences,
otherwise we tend to answer the questions many times on a one to one basis.

In addition, it means there are many other users who can chirp in to help in problem solving.

Please keep postings relevant and to the point
Please do not 'hijack' postings for semi-related issues, if necessary create a new posting

One final note the three BIGGEST user errors reported are
1. Ensure you are using the supplied power cable
2. Ensure your power supply can deliver 2.0 amps at 5v
3. The license never contains the letter 'O', only A - F, be careful not to mix 8 and 'B'

Many Thanks
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