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Re: Enhancement Requests - Radar Screen
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Would it be possible to resize the radar screen in any way …? Ideally by the user.

It's fine in Portrait mode on an Ipad, but cuts the bottom off in landscape mode …. something that can be looked at possibly .?

Pilotaware user ...


Re: Enhancement Requests
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Could I also put in the popular request to enable the onboard bluetooth on the pi3 for audio transmission....I have a separate bluetooth transmitter on the 3.5mm socket at the moment but everytime I go to use it, the battery is flat...!!! Grrr....On board bluetooth would be a very nice upgrade....!!!

Thank you.....
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Re: Enhancement Requests
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Now that Skydemon will itself announce traffic, and apparently in an intelligent way ie only targets which are heading your way rather than within a threat circle,
- and other things like airspace, runway incursion, obstacle clearance - but not bearingless targets

Could we have a PAw option to only annunciate bearingless, so that PAw and SD aren't both warning about the same thing?

I am lucky in that due to the 8.33 discount we now have an audio panel with Bluetooth and 3.5mm phono in so I can receive both audio sources, but there are complex implications in having 2 audio sources for warnings. Most panels / aircraft won't have the capability to receive both
- will users forgo the obstacle etc. warnings in favour of bearingless targets?
- will users want 2 sets of warnings for the same aircraft
- can these sources be combined into a single panel/headset input?


Re: Enhancement Requests
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Can you provide a version of Rosetta including the USB RS232 output to a transponder, to stretch the CAA rebate further?


Re: Enhancement Requests
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Sorry no

We do not supply the cables as they are inexpensive and available on Farnell. Perhaps we should.



Ian Melville

Re: Enhancement Requests
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Difficult one that.
On one hand folks keep buying fake versions or the TTL version. On the other the pukka article comes in different cable length versions.

Ian Melville

Re: Enhancement Requests
« Reply #381 on: April 20, 2021, 08:48:08 pm »
Locking the settings with a password, please.

Is it possible to enable this to stop casual users changing the settings. PAW will be installed in club aircraft and we would rather have them locked down on the correct settings for that aircraft. I know that will also lock some of the preferences, but we can live with that.

We haven't had an issue yet as the kit is still to be installed, I am trying to pre-empt what may be a non-issue ::)


Re: Enhancement Requests
« Reply #382 on: August 18, 2021, 01:19:24 pm »
I'd like to make a quality of life suggestion regarding the setting of the HEX-ID and Flight-ID. My apologies if it has been suggested and commented on previously.

As you know, at the moment, we have to manually set these when switching between aircraft. I manage this by keeping a note on my phone which lists all the aircraft I fly, their callsign and hex code.

I suggest to add the ability to "save" an aircraft (callsign and hex code), and have a drop down menu to select the aircraft. The display of this could be something like you see below:

We have over 10 aircraft in our group and regularly switch between different ones so this would save a little time and hassle, though I appreciate it adds nothing for those who fly only one aircraft.


Re: Enhancement Requests
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You can do this already by saving a different profile for each aircraft.


Re: Enhancement Requests
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Bottom of the configure page - click profiles



Re: Enhancement Requests
« Reply #385 on: January 07, 2022, 12:34:30 am »
Our PAw is installed with internal Antennae and audio routed to the Audio panel bu wire
We prefer the Skydemon Audio, with fewer warnings + runway and airspace readouts, even though this is via Bluetooth, which is quieter and more problematic.
Can we get SD type audio direct from the PAw?
Can SD give us more PAw info, eg METAR, ATOM station #, QNH + station?


Re: Enhancement Requests
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Hi Neil
Unfortunately, you cannot get the SkyDemon voice alerts from PilotAware.