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Is LPAT actually available?
« on: February 18, 2016, 01:58:23 pm »
I know this is probably not the best place to ask, but I also know how well informed the readership here is so I'll take a punt.

LPAT : Low Powered ADS-B Transceiver.
This has allegedly been developed by NATS.
As I understand things it is basically the ADS-B out bit of a mode S transponder, and the ADS-B in bit of a PAW.
All the in/out goodness of ADS-B without all the power hungry mode S stuff that makes a mode S transponder a non-starter for gliders and a lot of microlights, permit, vintage and SSDR aircraft.

Has anybody actually produced the LPAT for sale in the UK?
I know the FAA in the US are mandating ADS-B from 2020 using such devices, but their implementation has some differences from our situation, like weather broadcasts etc.

From a purely logical point of view (leaving out the CAA, NATS, OFCOM and all that) aren't both PAW's P3i side, and FLARM just trying to fill a niche that ADS-B / LPAT should be filling?

This is not a rant against PAW - far from it! Conceivably LPAT would be complimentary to PAW, or even integrated with it.
I accept that "we are where we are". I'm just waiting on the new P3i shield for my PAW!
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Re: Is LPAT actually available?
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I have be been working with the NATS and AOPA and I can confirm the the NATS LPAT is currently not in production. The devices currently under trial are demonstration kit.

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Re: Is LPAT actually available?
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Yep, as Alan says, it is just demonstration kit at the moment. I too have flown once with it. I wrote up a short article about the flight here:

The "In" side of the device is pretty much a Funke TM250.

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