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PAW traffic on Dynon Skyview
« on: January 03, 2016, 12:23:25 am »
The latest release offers traffic on Dynon Skyview so I tried it today inside the hangar.

I connected a spare "serial input" from Skyview to PAW with  USB <--> RS-232 adapter cable (PL2303 chipset).
Although not needed for traffic I also connected the same serial port's output as Lee said he will eventually accept GPS position from SKyview so no need for a GPS dongle.

The Dsub serial plug on the USB/Serial adapter is wired according the RS232 DB9 standard.

That is:

Pin 3 is TX (output from the PAW) so you wire that to a RX wire from one of your spare SV serial connections
Pin 5 is Ground and you wire that to black ground wire from SV
Pin  2 is RX if you also wish to wire that but not needed for traffic.
If you look at the plug with a magnifying glass the pin numbers are marked.

I found it best to solder the SV wires to a new female DSUB and just plug it in.  Looks tidier.

I configured PAW's USB Port 4 to "TRAFFIC DYNON" and set it to 9600 bps.
I configured  Skyview to "FLARM TRAFFIC" also at 9600bps. 

It was a awful day raining and under a roof but I still got the odd upper airways airliner showing "+99".

Another image

So it works :)

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Re: PAW traffic on Dynon Skyview
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Can PAW now get GPS information from Skyview, as was indicated might happen in this thread ?