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I feel his pain!

It has taken way too long to add USB-C to my chargers, a combination of Covid and parts.  A 4-port version with 2 x Type A and 2 x Type C will be available shortly.  Literally just waiting for the assembled PCB panels to arrive.  The website will be updated in a couple of weeks, including options to upgrade a current v2 charger to USB-C.

Trying to get parts is still a huge problem, even for contract custom electronics projects.  There can be 5000 processors on a Monday, go to order on Wednesday, and they've gone. Just left with the option to back order for delivery in 2024.  Crazy.
Designer and maker of, smart universal USB chargers designed for aviation.  USB Type-A and USB-C power without the RF interference. Approved for EASA installs under CS-STAN too.


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For those of you who use the playback tool - you can now press Press the 'a' key on your keyboard and it will open up the Aircrew traffic display to see what it would be like to fly with Aircrew.
Is this feature still a thing, or is it platform dependent?

I've just tried on a Mac with both Safari and Firefox browsers and I didn't see an instrument pop-up.

Sean McDonald

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Hi Sean,
......... (snipped)
Sorry I can't say more at present.


Thanks Peter. Understood. I hope he gets things going again satisfactorily