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Noticed the ......

'airfields are now installing these weather stations to accompany their ATOM station'

I have 3 x ATOm stations and am interested as to the nature of this integration and how I can effect it.

Can someone educate me please? Thanks, Richard

I see that option 2 when you have logged into the ATOM ground station (there's a 12 option menu, type the number and hit return) is the installation of a weather station.

I selected it but dropped out out of as the stages were not totally obvious.

Do we have a link to any install instructions?


Here are the instructions. If you have any problems, please email

Regards, Chris

To add your weather station:

a. Set up the weatherstation with Weather Underground. Obtain a weather station name and API-key (a very long string of letters and numbers) under ‘MyProfile’, My Devices’

Example: ICORSHAM13, 807c21215edb45999c31215ebb1f992b. The api-key is NOT the ‘key’ which has only 8 characters.

b. Run the configuration through the Owners Site, ’Status', ’Shell’, ‘Weather-Configure’. Choose your airfield ICAO if you have one. Enter the weather station name and API-key. Enable the service.

c. If success is reported, navigate to the Owners Site, ’Status', ’Grid’ and you will see the generated data line like: QFE 0987mb (GB-0185) (age=0 Mins), wind=6, gust=7, dir=88 - this is the data that will be sent to PilotAware equipped aircraft.

To be successful your system must pass several checks;

airfield exists in our ICAO table (we have > 8000 entries),
WX station must be within 2 km of airfield,
QNH must be available from nearest METAR station (< 45 minutes old, < 50km away)
weather data < 5 minutes old.

Ian Melville

Sadly that is a £550+ investment to get out Davis Vantage Vue to connect :-(