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PilotAware and iLevil AP communication issue
« on: April 21, 2022, 09:06:03 pm »
I’m an ultralight pilot based in France using successfully a Pilotaware Rosetta with a for several years.
I recently decide to convert my Coyote cockpit into a iPad based glass cockpit using an iLevil AP from Levil aviation.

Rosetta is wired via RS232 Cable to Funke Transponder, FlarmMouse and Levil AP.
Everything works separately but as soon as PilotAware feeds iLevil with GPS and traffic
GPS track is not stable and I’m seeing jitter.
So connected together the devices are unusable.

Youtube links showing the compas and traffic radar drift.

So I decide to contact PilotAware support.
I’ve been asked to send a complete description of the issue and to perform configuration tests.

Following this, the PilotAware team has contacted and sent data to Levil aviation team to simulate the problem.
They have written a specific code and tested a beta version for me.

Finally Levil Aviation ask me to change the wire and the problem was solved.

So I am very grateful for the precious help obtained by the Pilotaware support team and I thanks everybody.

Ian Melville

Re: PilotAware and iLevil AP communication issue
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Great result, Thanks for writing it up for others who may follow you.


Re: PilotAware and iLevil AP communication issue
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Thanks for posting this. I know that Lee had a lot of soul searching before finding the mistake in the iLevil code.