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Web Maps of ATOM stations - just for interest
« on: February 12, 2022, 01:55:13 pm »
This topic has been covered at various times, but just sharing this for interest while experimenting with Python and Folium.

Amazing what you can do with very little code.

I have a couple of ATOM stations and am able to download a list of stations with their details as an HTML table and then covert this information to a CSV file. I cheated and used the service for this purpose.

I shamelessly copied this idea from - thanks for the tutorial!

The folder under the link below includes.

1. Source code for the program that I ran in the JupyerLab IDE
2. CSV files for ATOM ground station information
3. Screenshot of generated OpenStreetMap map

Idea would be to use this as part of a dynamic web page created with the `"index.html")` method but have yet to work out if it possible to programatically retrieve and convert the source data.

Has it stopped rain yet?