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Ian Melville:
Was there a glitch in the system on Sat 30th at 10:32?

I got an email from each from my stations both being reported offline for 72 minutes and the same time slot. Unlikely to be the stations.


Yes, there was a server error (according to Chris) that caused us to get the message but all is well again in the world, so ignore the email  :)

Unfortunately, as we are now locked out of the ground stations, there is only a menu for 7 options and nothing else,  I've kind of lost interest, at the point where I'm prevented from doing maintenance to check if what sort of health the station is in I just leave it to sort itself out.

It's also a little annoying not to be able to account for data usage, if there was ever a data use problem, all I can do is to advise them on site to unplug it and see if the the issue goes away.

Hey ho...

It is not the intention to lock anyone out.
The problem we are trying to address is where we have had instances of over enthusiastic novices turning an ATOM station into a brick  ;)

A little knowledge can sometimes be dangerous.

I would address this in 2 ways, we have no problem in giving experts access, but I would prefer to think of this in reverse which is this, what features can we add to the maintenance menu which currently requires access to the command line ?

If we continue to refine this, it improves the ability to delve into the operation of the device, without the risk of causing it to fail.

Very happy to receive enhancement requests to improve this further

Ian Melville:
Thanks guys, glad it isn't me :-)


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