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Pilot Aware - SkyDemon Issue
« on: July 22, 2021, 09:50:19 pm »
My friend and I both have a PilotAware in our aircraft.  I have an original PilotAware Classic, but I have upgraded the processor board to a Raspberry Pi 3.  He has a Rosetta.  We are both running the latest version of the PilotAware software.  If we both run up the web browsers on our tablets, connect to our PilotAwares and go to the Traffic tab we both can see each other and P appears in the Mode field.

But when we use SkyDemon and Go Flying/ Use Pilot Aware I can see him and other traffic; he can see other traffic but not me.  This became apparent when flying and our test was with the two aircraft about 20m apart and line of sight between the antennas.

Does anyone have any idea what our issue could be?



Re: Pilot Aware - SkyDemon Issue
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I can hear it coming down the Internet tubes......."screenshot of config page"  ;D


Re: Pilot Aware - SkyDemon Issue
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Hi Andy,

Paul isn’t far wrong...

If traffic is showing in the PAW Traffic Screen, but not displaying on SkyDemon, it is being filtered out by one or the other set of software.

If it is being filtered by PAW, it will be visible on the receiving aircraft’s Traffic Screen but ‘greyed out’. If it’s visible but not greyed out, it will be passed to the Nav Software, which will then apply its own filters, so if not greyed out on the PAW Traffic Screen and not displayed on the Nav Display, it must be being filtered by the Nav Software Settings. You need to check both.

For Positional Targets (P3i, ADSB, uplinked FLARM and MLAT Mode-S) the Positional Target filters in PAW should be set wide open and any filtering set in the Nav System Settings. For Bearingless Mode-C or Mode-S, the relevant filters need to be set in PAW.

Screenshots of both of your PAW Traffic and Configuration Screens and your Nav System Settings should certainly clarify the situation if you want us to take a look.

Best Regards
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Re: Pilot Aware - SkyDemon Issue
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We're due to meet up again next week so we'll take screen dumps of both our setups and I'll post them here.