Author Topic: Aircraft Orientation Issues When Using Funke Transponders for ADSB Out  (Read 4005 times)


Re: Re: Aircraft Orientation When Using Funke Transponders for ADSB-Out
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Nice one PAW, I think I'll leave my Funke connected to my old Garmin though.
Until there's a good reason to move it back I don't fancy that trip under the panel.

Regarding Skysafe, I was away on tour darn Sarf/Cornwall over the weekend. Monitored it now and again and the phone signal soon drops out so unless low level and flying close to many masts it stops working. One thing that it shows that I've never seen before on anything is parachutes. So worth a look now and again to see who's about as discussed above.

Begs the question, could Sky Safe flying be fed into the ATOM grid for flyers who have only a mobile phone?

Regards, Clive