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USB port
« on: May 26, 2021, 08:09:49 pm »

Not sure if this is a cry for help or a suggestion

Today, for the umpteenth time, my PAW Rosetta dropped out. The reason was that the power lead from the Anker source disconnected from the power socket, even though the battery is velcro into position. I've always felt the old USB port is a weakness and has stopped some of my tablets in the past.

Q1. Is there a way of 'locking in' a USB connector into the power port?

Q2. Are you planning to use USB-C in future releases instead of the earlier versions?


Re: USB port
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Previously I have been known to use a little blob of hot glue to hold micro USB cables in, although that has only been in cases where I really don't want to remove it for some considerable time.
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Re: USB port
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The micro USB is one of my pet hates about the RPI versions 1 to 3

There was at some point going to be an alternative socket, but this was dropped.

USB - C is only found on the RPI V4. This in not currently compatible with the PAW software. The power consumption of the V4 is greater than is ideal for a batty powered device.


Re: USB port
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If you can obtain a right-angle micro usb connector then a cable tie right round the unit and over the connector works well.  You can even use a releasable cable tie so that you can re-use it if you require to remove it for any reason. ;D