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Free Upgrades for Existing OGN Sites


PilotAware Provides Free Upgrades for Existing OGN Stations to ATOM GRID Network.

Following a greater than expected uptake of PilotAware units as part of the 2020 DfT/CAA Grant PilotAware has decided to use its good fortune to give even more back to the General Aviation Community.

To provide greater situational awareness, at and around active gliding sites PilotAware will provide further financial assistance to aviation club and users that have a suitable existing OGN installation to upgrade them to the full functionality of PilotAware ATOM GRID sites.

The upgrade will allow PilotAware users to see the Flarm equipped aircraft in your circuit and beyond thus increasing aviation safety.

The upgrade will also provide a complete Virtual RADAR view of all aircraft detected directly by the site augmented by neighbouring ATOM GRID sites. This will include aircraft transmitting PilotAware,  Flarm, Fanet+, and ADSB in real-time and Mode-S with a small MLAT delay.

Accessing the Virtual RADAR screen via a password protected link, the launch winch or tug master will be provided with real time situational awareness of aircraft in the circuit landing or bandits flying through the zone.

The equipment to be provided free of charge includes 2 antennas, 2 antenna mounts, 2 sets of coaxial cable, 1 software-controlled radio, 1 SMA to mcx pigtail, 1 PilotAware Radio Bridge, and 1 SD card complete with SW.  To complete the installation the club will need to supply the mounting pole and brackets.

An initial 20 sets of upgrade kits have been allocated and help will be provided to configure the software if required.
For more information or to apply for your upgrade kit please contact
For more information on PilotAware ATOM GRID please see the youtube videos at

PilotAware Atom GRID Introduction

PilotAware Atom GRID Features and Obscuration

PilotAware ATOM GRID Mode-S 3D



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