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PilotAware Rosetta
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Exciting News from PilotAware

In response to customer feedback and the development of new hardware and software PilotAware is pleased to announce the launch of PilotAware Rosetta. Rosetta will be available at the UK Microlight Trade Show at Popham Airfield on 5th and 6th May and also via the website shortly after. So, what’s new?

Rosetta builds on the award winning PilotAware Classic and introduces the following new features, giving a more complete package, expandability and opens the door to greater functionality and upgradability.

√ All in one case   
√ Upgraded Processor
√ Increased Storage
√ Low Noise Receiver
√ New P3i Radio Bridge
√ New Antennas
√ Updated Software
√ Upgradable to UAT Weather*

In true PilotAware fashion we will be looking after our existing PilotAware Classic customers who want to enhance their existing units to Rosetta specification through a future upgrade program.

The PilotAware product line will also be expanded to include full installation kits for most permit aircraft types, metal, composite and fabric construction.

Also, coming soon, in response to customer demand and in collaboration with AIRCREW a fantastic 80mm dashboard instrument displaying weather, Traffic, Artificial Horizon, Heading Indicator, Flight Playback and software upgradable in true PilotAware fashion. Come and have a look at the demonstrator at the UK Microlight Trade Show at Popham.

In our ever changing technological and regulatory environment PilotAware is committed to providing the best value, most complete Electronic Conspicuity equipment available making sure your trust in us rewarded.

PilotAware with you all the way

*Needs additional hardware upgrade. PilotAware has been working to support the South of England UAT Weather Trial. The solution is working correctly and has been demonstrated to work with EasyVFR and SkyDemon over a GDL90 interface. Using this facility will allow trialists to gather and feedback information. At the moment SkyDemon is unable to support bearing-less traffic (Mode C/S) and Weather data simultaneously. Solutions are obviously under investigation.

See you at Popham Stand number M8