Author Topic: LAA refuse approval to connect Pilotaware to Funke transponder (ADSB out)  (Read 6162 times)


Flyer Forum link with much discussion.

Mark, I didn't get the upgrade as mine was too old but do have a new one, I'll have a look at the Firmware number when I power it up shortly.

A number of people (post March '16 delivery) will be OK for a free upgrade.

Regards, Clve


Hi Clive,

Thanks for the update. Good to know that Funke have (nearly) sorted the issue. Though €300 - €400 will be a bitter pill for some to swallow, it will be good to see more Funke transponders able to be upgraded and their aircraft flying the right way round  ::)

Best Regards



I think the elephant in the room is that we must big up those who support us as a community.

I think we therefore have to return the contribution that Trig makes with free updates, and we should consider recommending them for their service to the community over those who have debatably not kept promises...

I think the message here is a big thumbs up for Trig... €399 is more than the cost of a PilotAware... At this point I'd be looking at Keith's sig and putting the Funke up for sale...