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Introducing PilotAware VECTOR using the Power of the ATOM GRID


PilotAware Launches PilotAware VECTOR using the power of the ATOM GRID

The UK DfT/CAA electronic conspicuity (EC) grant has shown impressive forward thinking and leadership for UK General Aviation. The grant not only provides pilots with assisted access to their EC hardware of choice, but also shows commitment and drive towards greater safety for all aviators. Well done!

Whilst PilotAware is a low-profit organisation we have obviously benefited from increased sales due to the grant and so have decided to use our good fortune to give more back to UK aviation in a way that benefits everyone.

To do this the PilotAware ATOM GRID ground stations have all been enhanced to track and plot the performance of all EC signals transmitted. These can then be tabulated by each unique aircraft ICAO code. So pilots can now see how well the installed EC is doing.

We call this new and exciting development PilotAware VECTOR.

Verification of Electronic Conspicuity Transmission Obscuration and Range

Using VECTOR all pilots will be able to gain polar diagrams, of their individual EC transmission performance as they fly within the UK. The diagrams provided will show how well the EC signals are being transmitted from the aircraft and whether they are being obscured or attenuated by the occupants or the airframe.

Using the results, carry on EC devices can then be positioned to achieve the best performance possible. Alternatively remote internal or external antennas can be added if required to overcome airframe obscuration.

The last 30 days of data collected by the ATOM GRID network is used to plot the diagrams so the data available will be dependent on the amount of flying you have done in the last month. No flight No data. No diagrams The more flying the better the diagrams.

PilotAware VECTOR is now available on the PiotAware website for you to check your Rosetta installation. VECTOR will also be able to check the performance of all EC devices including; ADSB from a transponder, Flarm and Power Flarm, PilotAware, Cap1391 devices (SKY Echo 1 and 2), OGN trackers and Fanet+. Mode S transponders will be added at a later date.

So to access VECTOR and get your individual charts, visit

Happy Christmas from PilotAware and get VECTORing.


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