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DfT Provides Funding for Electronic Conspicuity


Great News from the DfT and the CAA

The CAA has announced that using funding provided by the Department for Transport, they will be providing grants for electronic conspicuity devices up to a maximum of £250.

This is really good news that shows that the government and the CAA are now committed to EC integration in the United Kingdom.

The grant is available to all UK pilots (not aircraft) and includes all types of electronic conspicuity including PilotAware. This initiative shows that there is a recognition that no one electronic conspicuity device can meet all requirements and that financial assistance will help in voluntary equipage of your preferred device or devices.

 As all of our supporters will know PilotAware Rosetta and the ATOM GRID network provides more interoperability than any other device available at any price and we are fully supportive of this initiative to improve aviation safety in the UK.

 The CAA has not wasted the opportunity to produce a chart that shows that ADSB-out gets more yes’s than any other technology but this is of course based on the questions that they have asked which are biased towards ADSB. However there is no mention of a single technology mandate ADSB or otherwise, this is I suggest, because there is not going to be one in the near future.

PilotAware users will all be winners, as whatever technology is chosen by individuals taking advantage of the grant, PilotAware can with the ATOM GRID detect them all and provide value added services not available to the other technologies.

Please spread the news that PilotAware Rosetta and all installation bundles will now be available with up to £250 off making a single Rosetta on its own cost £162.50 including vat with more savings if an installation kit is bought at the same time.  Bargain.

 Also, many supporters have asked if we can provide an extension to the 1st year software license (i) so they don’t forget to re-license and also (ii) to make the process easier for them. (iii) Avoid future price increases. So there is will be an option to do this as well, at today's yearly rate of £12 plus vat.

The full announcement from the CAA s available here.



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