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PAw no aerials
« on: September 14, 2020, 05:57:36 pm »
I've removed the PAw aerials to have them improved. I was surprised to see this generated a lot of false targets at 100ft and 200ft above/below, warning and danger.
I don't know if this says something that is useful or is just an unwanted 'edge/end case' effect. I don't need help with it, just sayin'


Re: PAw no aerials
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Hi Neil,

Strange result. Appreciate you don’t require assistance, but would like to understand what is going on here, so need to have a think about this. Normally with no antennas I would expect a very low strength received signal (if any at all), which would be unlikely to trigger this type of alert. On the face of it, it sounds like they must be triggered by your own transponder, but not sure why. Did you still have coax feeders attached, or just the ‘Bare PAW’ ?




Re: PAw no aerials
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bare PAw.
Yes the almost constant warning of a close a/c I would have thought would have been my transponder, and the signal strength must be very low.
AFAIK, from back in my programming days, if an algorithm is comparing relative numbers (strength) and those numbers are very close to 0 you would get weird results.
0/0 (or numbers very close to 0)  can be anything from 0 to f-huge.
the trk file is available. I only mention it in case it reveals something useful. Like I said, it can just be poor data effects.
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Re: PAw no aerials
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Can I get tge track Neil ?


Re: PAw no aerials
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I'll go get it today
When I said edge / end case, I was trying to remember 'Approaching the limit'
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