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New You Tube Video
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Another New YouTube Video Uploaded

Another You Tube video has been uploaded. This describes what PilotAware Rosetta is at the highest level in a block diagram format. Most forumites will know this but it does also hint at some of the next developments now we have the support of ATOM GRID.

The previous new YouTube video described what types of Electronic Conspicuity (EC) are available in the UK and Europe and how PilotAware Classic and Rosetta units can see more aircraft than any other device available. There is a clear description of what can and can't be seen and an introduction to ATOM GRID and Mode-S 3D. The video can be seen here

This seems to follow on straight after  the latest one

Please socialise this new, new one to anyone who is unclear of what can and can't be seen by PilotAware and how the 178 ATOM GRID stations will light up their screens with aircraft when they are in range. Please Subscribe and Thumbs Up if you like the video.

Working on the ATOM GRID Video now.



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Re: New You Tube Video
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Another 2 YouTube Videos Have Been Uploaded

Two new videos have been uploaded. Both include information on the PilotAware ATOM GRID Network.

The first video is a description of the ATOM GRID Network. It includes a brief introduction on how it works and some of the functionalities.

The second video describes how all Electronic Conspicuity devices, particularly stand-alone carry on devices, can suffer from performance degradation and how improved installation and help from the ATOM GRID Network can overcome this in certain instances and also help with interoperability between systems.

Hopefully, these will provide more information on how the PilotAware infrastructure works and encourage more stations to be installed in the UK and mainland Europe.




Re: New You Tube Video
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Another YouTube Video Has Been Uploaded.

This is the 3rd video that describes that ATOM GRID Network. This one concentrates on Mode-S/3D showing how the ATOM GRID is now enabling PilotAware units to detect Mode-S transmissions (Estimated at up to 12,000 airframes in the UK) and show them as targets with a bearing on in-flight devices and the Virtual RADAR screens that come with the ATOM GRID Ground stations.

This video can be found here

Hopefully, this video will show how Mode-S works and how the ATOM GRID allows Mode-S transmissions to be plotted on a screen just like ADSB at 1090MHz. There is a section on limitations and dependencies.

More to come as we introduce new features such as Weather METARS
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