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Re: Weak P3i transmission?
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Well, replacing the bridge with a loaner seems to have done the job. A flight in a BD4 (40334A) today with my unit, is showing a much more respectable reception pattern on Vector.

Pete G here is happy for me to continue with his loaner for the time being so some longer term testing with the unit in its correct position in in the AA5 should prove definitive. I'll also try the original attached antenna as well, comparing results between the two types should be interesting.

Thanks all and especially Peter here for the suggestions and assistance.


Re: Weak P3i transmission?
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Hi Graham,

Much better results! PAW reporting at various ranges from different ground stations at up to 99Km (from PWEGBM - and not just a freak single packet either (see attachment)). The columns show packets received at increasing 10Km ranges, from the left - the first being less than 10Km and so on up to less than 100Km, with the maximum reported range from each station at the extreme right.

Strangely, the poorest range was again reported from PWegcw.

Peter R
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