Author Topic: Mode-S/3D Software Update by Pre Loaded Card  (Read 809 times)


Mode-S/3D Software Update by Pre Loaded Card
« on: July 02, 2019, 10:50:32 am »
The latest Mode-S/3D software is packed with new features including the ability to see Mode-S targets as a target with a bearing using MLAT. This release requires a new operating system and kernel so a full manual software download is required. This can obviously be done by reformatting your existing disk (minimum 8GB) and downloading the new software free of charge from

However, this does require that you fully understand how to undertake a full overwrite reformat ON YOUR SPECIFIC COMPUTER using SD FORMATTER.

To help those that want a faster route to the latest software release we are now able to provide new 8GB disks with the software preloaded with step by step instructions on how to install this on your Rosetta so that you can quickly get going with all the new features.

These are now available from the accessories section of the Products Page on the website