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Great News For PilotAware Users on the EASA Register
« on: March 15, 2019, 12:04:31 pm »
Great News for EASA Aircraft Owners

There is good news for owners of GA aircraft on the EASA register that have a transponder, which is capable of ADS-B (extended squitter) but has not had a suitable GNSS position source.
Within the next month, EASA will be releasing an update to CS-STAN Standard Changes and Standard Repairs.  If everything goes well, the update should include CS-SC005a, which will authorise aircraft maintenance engineers to connect GNSS position sources to an ADS-B capable transponder to enable ADS-B OUT.
Three configurations will be permissible under this standard change and Configuration 3 allows certified transponder + ADS-B OUT + uncertified GNSreports SIL = 0 and SDA = 0 (for airborne traffic awareness only).
This is great news for PilotAware users who also have aircraft on the EASA Register as you will now be able to have your PilotAware connected to your ES equipped transponder with the blessing of EASA.
This ruling reflects EASA's view that there should be greater interoperability between the various EC devices that are being voluntarily installed by the GA community in Europe.
The next step will hopefully, be a relaxation in the rules for the installation of external antennas to increase the performance of PilotAware.
Dominique Roland, Head of GA at EASA has a very pragmatic and encouraging attitude towards GA and the introduction of fit for purpose Electronic Conspicuity such as FLARM and PilotAware.
Read the discussion that Dominique has opened on the EASA GA Forum.

I understand that Dominique has done this to open the debate about Electronic Conspicuity in Europe. So join the EASA GA forum and let them know what you think. Whether you want to continue to use the EC of your choice, hopefully, PilotAware, or prefer an ADSB-out mandate for all.