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Skydemon + PAw, simultaneous audio output
« on: March 11, 2019, 10:40:46 pm »
I tried SD today with a Rosetta PAw, using GDL90. PAw connected to the audio panel, SD sound connected via tablet / Bluetooth to my headset (with a different voice).
The runway annunciation and airspace warnings were great. GPS traffic worked fine.
There was 'traffic' target in the tower, a PAw base station I think, but SD thought it was an aircraft and warned me of it while PAw ignored it.
I prefer to also receive the bearingless targets that PAw provides, there were a few Mode S and Mode C targets around.
At present I think I have to choose which input goes to the audio panel, SD from the tablet or PAw via phono cable.
I use the GDL90 protocol with PAw with 2 SDRs, so the weather can be received aloft. My weather tab shows the red dot. I just need to fly over SD HQ or Redhill to get an update. I'll let you know.

Help me integrate please. I WANT SD audio (including GPS threats) AND PAw bearingless, through 1 channel.


Re: Skydemon + PAw, simultaneous audio output
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It is my belief that when the new PAW audio is released and output using the Bluetooth capabilities of the Raspberry Pi 3 that all our audio worries will be solved  :)

I haven't used it but I think the Sky Demon intelligent audio sounds like a very good idea and really quite clever at what it does. However, Tim has certainly made it clear that he doesn't like bearingless targets and thinks ground stations should be seen as aircraft. It's his train set, so I suppose he can implement whatever ideas he considers best. I would like to be alerted to bearingless targets, so would prefer the PAW audio (via BT to my headset).  If PAW doesn't tell me which runway I'm entering then I'm sure I'll cope. As for the SD airspace audio warnings, well I realise I wouldn't get those but will have to rely on the visual banners instead.

As a very good alternative, EasyVFR 4 looks to be shaping up nicely and it will be interesting to see how it performs when it hits the streets. Audio traffic warnings (including bearingless) plus airspace warnings, all over BT.......certainly an option I'll be considering very carefully......and PAW ground stations = ground stations  ;)


Re: Skydemon + PAw, simultaneous audio output
« Reply #2 on: April 25, 2019, 06:33:25 pm »
For anyone coming across this thread until SD work their magic with my Feature request.......

my compromise solution has been to pipe the output from the PaW voice/audio into a passive mixer (belkin 5 way splitter) along with a bluetooth receiver which is paired to my Ipad, running skydemon. SD is set to show bearingless contacts but with traffic off.

The mixed feed then goes into the my garmin GNA audio panel on the self-muting audio line. Seems to work ok as the line levels are broadly well matched and dont appear to over-drive each other.


Re: Skydemon + PAw, simultaneous audio output
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How about putting inline volume control before the cables reach the Belkin splitter. Does this make it an audio mixer  :)


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That might (should) work on the input from the tablet, Paul, but the ‘volume control’ won’t have any effect on the PAW volume.

What you really need to allow quick ‘in flight’ adjustment is a simple mixer with ‘mechanical’ (rotary or slider) volume controls. The only commercial one I have seen (AlanG has one in his plane) now seems to be unavailable....

I have the bits to put together a simple 2-channel mixer, but have never found the time to do so and it looks like I now need 3-channels. Now where did I buy the bits..... - oh, yes it was Maplin - just before they went bust - Ho -hum !  :(

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Re: Skydemon + PAw, simultaneous audio output
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Postscript to Above.....

I have just done a quick search and found this......

Not sure if the levels would work though and the guitar / mic inputs look like 1/4” (6.3mm) but I can feel another ‘purchase for testing’ coming..... !!

Further Edit

Just found this one which looks like it might do the job and is much simpler - also runs off 12volts. Downside - mono only and jacks are all 1/4” (6.3mm).

Peter  :-[
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Re: Skydemon + PAw, simultaneous audio output
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Chris (aka Moffrestorer) was kind enough to send me details of his mixer. I got my trusty soldering iron out and pretty much copied his design. My unit is made to run a single wire to the Trig radio aux in, so that all the stuff goes through the intercom and is muted etc.

I did it as a project and a bit of fun. I've tested it wired to a speaker and with three inputs and it certainly seems to work.....which is surprising when you see how awful I am at soldering.

I don't know if I'll use it as I can get all the stuff I want through the intercom and my Bluetooth headsets when PAW goes to BT out  ;)

I'll see if I can attach some pics of my handiwork  :o