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PAW and SkyDemon traffic alert banners
« on: March 10, 2019, 11:17:50 am »
I flew recently using my Pilot Aware linked to SkyDemon as an exercise to see how it all worked together. This is my second flight using PAW + SD and thanks to the help of forumites on here most of the issues I had the first time round have now been resolved. So thank you! 

On this second flight I had the new (latest version) SD audio alerts switched off, preferring to use PAW audio alerts since - unlike SD - they also include bearingless traffic.

However, although I was getting the normal SD 'radar' screen on the bottom right of my ipad screen and I could see traffic moving around on the map, this time I never received any traffic banner alerts for positional traffic - even where that traffic was close enough to turn red.

Have I missed something here? By turning off SD voice alerts have I also inadvertently switched off the banner alerts? Or is there some other button that should have been pressed/not pressed??

Any help most gratefully received!