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Setting Up a New OGN-R Station or Upgrading an Existing OGN Station is now even Cheaper ;D

Thanks to the successful Rosetta upgrade program we have more than a few Pi2B Computers, Bridges and Cases that have been donated to the expansion the OGN-Network. These refurbished units and a P3i Antenna are being offered Free of Charge to anyone who wants to install a new OGN-R station or upgrade an existing OGN station. This can be at a UK or mainland Europe.

This will mean that the cost for installing an OGN-R will now be reduced to about £180. This will have to be funded locally but we can help you to buy the hard to get bits like the +9dB FLARM Antenna, Factory made P3i Antenna, HDF Co-Ax connectors etc. if required. I will even make up the cables and configure the software for your site if required.

Instructions on what to do and information on the OGN project are available here If you want to learn more email and we can get your FREE kit out to you.

Latest news is that we are just about to pass 80 sites installed but want more for project secret.  8)

Thanks for your support. Target 200 stations by next year.

Thanks for your Support



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