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Re: First Time Booting
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My Zaon MRX probably saved my bacon several years ago when I could so easily have had a mid-air with a glider close to Cranfield en-route to Duxford. Finally spotted it about 200metres away at same level and on my RHS. Now I don't know whether the Zaon could detect Flarm or whether the glider was carrying a Mode C transponder, but it did alert me that something was there and it was devilishly hard to spot in the overcast conditions.

Hi again Moff,

Me likewise - I have been warned on several occasions of potential near misses since I first fitted my MRX 7 years ago, - hence why I have been doing test work for Lee on Mode 'C' / 'S' detection over the last few months to try to help get that included in PAW's arsenal. FYI the ZAON MRX detects Mode 'C' and Mode 'S' transponders ONLY - so the glider must have been transponder equipped - rare in my experience so you were very lucky.

Detection of FLARM signals by PAW would be great, but as the transmitted FLARM data is encrypted, transmitted at extremely low power and decryption is prohibited under FLARM's patents, I would be surprised if Lee could provide any meaningful information from it other than that there is a transmitter out there somewhere! I think trying to estimate range from such a low power signal would prove extremely inaccurate.

Nice thought though!

Best regards

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Re: First Time Booting
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If we estimate that the glider is doing 100 Kt, and there is a max detect time of 20 secs, that give approx 500 yards warning. If anything is that close I want to know, and in that instance all I need is a forced blink on the screen, saying warning. Position in that proximity will be cleared by a mk 1  eyeball, if he is not left or right he is behind me and as I know glider pilots normally look up through the canope I'll assume he is above me and decend asafp 😄


Re: First Time Booting
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Actually the pi 2B is fine I have now been using this for all my dev work, there was a race issue with the networking startup which is now resolved, so I think this is un related

Ah, excellent. I might have to build another one with my Pi 2 then!  :D