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Hmmm, would it work?
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I saw this. You know what I'm thinking  ;D

Edited to add a less clunk version but still robust:

Edited to add even more  :)

Well, I fired up Google and realise that I am probably quite a few centuries out of date regarding the advances with these Pi thingies. Apparently I haven't discovered anything new regarding these TVs and they haven't only just hit the streets  :( but I've learnt a few things. When looking at the official Pi 7" display there is a built-in function to allow you to share the same 2A power supply twixt screen and Pi. So that's a good thing; no extra wires, batteries etc. Most of the boxes into which you can fix the 7" display have decent fixings which would allow the peripheral equipment (GPS & ADSB dongles, antennas etc) to be fitted into the unit securely.

So, my thinking is could this be a reasonable, portable way of displaying the PAW radar display? Obviously you could still have the WIFI dongle to output to Sky Demon etc but as a stand-alone system I think this would have some merit.
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Re: Hmmm, would it work?
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I'm sure there was mention of this in a thread a while ago (smaller screen though) … Pretty sure the lack of browser on the Pi (plus a few other software requirements) made it a non starter ….

Might be wrong though … neat idea!
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