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PilotAware Suddenly Stops Working
« on: August 14, 2017, 10:42:06 am »
We have recently had a few instances where PilotAware units have for no apparent reason stopped working. Very strange. Users have reported various diagnostics but in each case after a few cycles of email support the simple reason was found. The License has Expired.

The reason this happens is as follows.

(i) PilotAware sends an email to users in advance of their license needing its annual renewal.
(ii) Normally, users then visit to renew their license.
(iii) An email is then sent to the user with the new 12 month, 16 digit licence code which the user puts into the four boxes in the config page as shown in the Operational Instructions to be found at

Where this can fall down is if the emails from PilotAware go into the users junk folder
(i) you see no reminder
(ii) when you have paid you see no new Code.

The answer to this is to put into your address book so notifications from us don't get lost in the junk.

To check if you have this problem. Consider if your pilotAware is over a year old and should you have renewed your license, then this may be the reason that it has suddenly stopped working.

To confirm this log onto the home page by accessing the PilotAware WiFi and typing in If your licence has expired 5 boxes will be red and there will be a banner at the top saying License Expired.

If the license has expired then it can be renewed at

Thanks for your support.

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