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Technical Support / Re: Connecting Pilot Aware to SkyView
« Last Post by exfirepro on July 01, 2020, 09:24:37 am »

Ah, a thought...

You said...
...even when selecting the TM250 mode there is still no S/C traffic on the Skyview

Are you getting ADSB traffic Reporting?

I take it you do have Mode CS enabled in PilotAware Configure? It is ‘Off’ by default. It should be set to ‘Mode CS + Filter’ if you are running a transponder, or ‘Mode CS’ if you don’t. You should also open the filters to Long Range and +/- 50,000 ft for testing.



Edit: Just checked back your earlier posts and see you do have Mode CS + Filter set, (sorry) but I would still advise opening the reporting filters right up for testing.

Further Edit: Just seen Lee’s post below...
OGN-R PilotAware / Re: OGN Station update ?
« Last Post by NATO on July 01, 2020, 09:22:27 am »

New update 20200630 Appears to work all OK now.

Many thanks,

Technical Support / Re: Connect PAW with Powermouse
« Last Post by Kurt37 on June 30, 2020, 10:46:29 pm »
I fly C172, Aquila 210 and a ultralight dynamic WT9. So all fixed wing, closed cockpits.

The C172 obviously being a full metal 4 seater AC, the others 2 seater GFK AC.

Since I have all choices yet to make: which antennas would you recommend for the Flarmbat?

Kind regards,

Technical Support / Re: Connecting Pilot Aware to SkyView
« Last Post by DY691 on June 30, 2020, 10:06:21 pm »
Good evening
I flew today and unfortunately even when selecting the tm 250 mode there is still no S/C traffic on the skyview ...
The tm 250 mode behaves like the flarm adsb mode ok on the skyview.
Technical Support / Re: Connect PAW with Powermouse
« Last Post by exfirepro on June 30, 2020, 07:34:57 pm »
Hi Patrick,

I should have asked earlier, What sort of aircraft are we talking about?

OK on going for the FlarmBat - that’s a good choice. They are very popular and if you need to you can add a charging lead powered from the plane later.

No, you won’t need the ADSB option as PAW does that for you really well - in fact unless you are flying a glider competitively, you don’t need the IGC or ENL either and can go for the cheapest FlarmBat version. The 2nd FLARM antenna option (which extends reception below your aircraft so can be useful especially in a metal-bodied aircraft) can I’m pretty sure be added later as it is (I think) primarily a licence key to release the function in software plus a second (preferably external) antenna. Again, check this with your supplier - fairly expensive though so most don’t seem to bother.

It is always best to keep the units reasonably far apart if you can, to reduce any potential for PAW Tx (on 869.5 MHz) to de-sensitise the FLARM Rx (on 868 MHz) - though in practice this isn’t ‘critical’ as the PAW only transmits in short bursts. It’s also always best to maintain a bit of space between the two units’ (internal) GPS antennas if you can do so. In practice, I run my FlarmMouse and Rosetta about 30cm from each other in my Flexwing with no problems.

Best Regards

Technical Support / Re: Connect PAW with Powermouse
« Last Post by Kurt37 on June 30, 2020, 04:16:28 pm »
First of all I am quite happy, that I do not need a splitter, since keeping everything compact is key for me.

I think I will go for the Flarmbat. 1 cable less in the cockpit (battery powered).

Adsb in is within the PAW so I would not need that on the Flarmbat, right?

Can the flarmbat be next/ near to the PAW on the dashboard or do they interfere with each other?

Technical Support / Re: Connect PAW with Powermouse
« Last Post by exfirepro on June 30, 2020, 01:25:38 pm »
Hi again Patrick,

You are correct in your readback for using the PowerMouse. Just be careful to make sure you still have the correct wires in the correct place before crimping them into the RJ45 plug (that's a very common mistake). Also as you aren't using the other wires in the converter cable, take care to individually insulate them from each other as well as from anything outside.

You can't power the PowerMouse (or FlarmBat) from your PilotAware as they both run on a nominal 12 Volts, whereas Pilotaware runs on 5 Volts. Each device should be powered separately.

The PowerMouse definitely includes a power cable (with bare ends but without fuse holder etc). From reading the manual, the FlarmBat certainly includes a charging cable but probably not a 12 volt power cable - you would need to check with your supplier. You can, however, certainly run either device PowerMouse or FlarmBat from an 8 - 30 Volt supply. This is to allow their use in aircraft having a nominal 12 or 24 volt supply. As Paul has said above, the power supply should be independently switched and connected via a suitable fuse or circuit breaker to protect the device and the aircraft's electrical systems.

Unfortunately you can't use the PAW RJ45 connector for Flarm-In as this port is set up for Ethernet, not Flarm data. You MUST use an RS232 Serial to USB converter. We recommend the FTDI-USB-RS232-WE-1800-BT 0.0 converter lead (there is also a longer 5metre version coded FTDI-USB-RS232-WE-5000-BT 0.0 if you need it). These can be obtained from various sources, though we recommend a reputable supplier such as RS or Farnell in the UK as there are a lot of fake copies on some internet sites. RS Stock No. is 687-7828. Also be aware there are lots of sites advertising RS232 TTL level converters - THESE WILL NOT WORK.
All that said, the FlarmBat is certainly an alternative to the PowerMouse - if you feel you would benefit from it's inbuilt display and self contained battery, though those of course make it more expensive. If you aren't bothered about the cost and have space to mount it on top of your coaming (dashboard), it would certainly be worth considering. You can then as you suggest use one RJ45 Port for your Power Lead and the other for the RJ45 RS232 to USB Converter Cable to connect to your PilotAware.

Let us know what you decide.

Best Regards

Technical Support / Re: Connect PAW with Powermouse
« Last Post by PaulSS on June 30, 2020, 11:47:41 am »
Hi Patrick,

From reading the Powermouse manual it is true the power supply should be between 8-30V, in other words; using the aircraft's 12V power supply.

Is the aircraft your own, in which you can make a permanent fit or is it your intention to have everything transportable?

If it is your own and you want to fit it permanently then it would be a very simple job to connect to an existing CB/fuse input and then just have an in-line 3A fuse. The ground wire could connect to any ground point/ground bus bar.

As the Raspberry Pi runs on 5V I do not think it will be realistic to run it from the same power supply. That would involve a step-up transformer and that just gets a bit silly.

Technical Support / Re: Connect PAW with Powermouse
« Last Post by Kurt37 on June 30, 2020, 10:08:12 am »
+ without wanting to make things to complicated:

I spoke to LX Nav and asked about the power supply. It has to be 12V, so anything via USB (max 5V) will not be sufficient.
If Pilotaware can power the powermouse, will it be 12V? I personally cant believe that.
How do you otherwise power the powermouse if you dont have a 12V cig lighter in the aircraft?

His recommondation went towards the Powerbat (also Powerflarm In/Out). Advantage 10h of battery. Also built in splitter (so no extra splitter with PAW needed?) and apparently 2x RJ45 (different infos on the net).IF RJ45, it would be same wiring as explained in the 2 posts before, I assume.

Would PAW and FlarmBAT work? Are there any disadvantages known that PowerBat has compared to Powermouse?

Sorry for so many question, I will promise to make a documentary when I have finished my setup + I will make it public.

Kind Regards,
Technical Support / Re: Connect PAW with Powermouse
« Last Post by Kurt37 on June 30, 2020, 06:51:27 am »
Hi Peter,

I was hoping you would reply, so thank you very much for your explanations. They help a lot.

For clarification: I am planning a setup without a display, I will be using Skydemon connected via WiFi to the PAW. From what I understand that might make it even easier.

So with PAW and Powermouse without a display the procedure would be:

Data Transfer:
Powermouse is plugged in via RJ45 plug, PAW via USB.
Powermouse RJ45 Port 1 is connected to the Pilotaware USB to feed data to the PAW. Cable in use FTDI USB. Pins 4 and 5 of the RJ45 plug are used. The USB cable is plugged into the PAW, and a Rj45 plug is attached to the other side, no splitter , no bounding of cables needed. RJ45 Pin 4 is connected to the black USB wire, RJ45 Pin 5 to the yellow USB wire.

Power supply for Powermouse:
The other port (2) is used with a flarm rj45 power cable using pin 1 and 8 OR 2 and 7.

Is that procedure correct?

The PAW RJ45 socket cannot be used as a data feed towards the PAW, only the USB socket is used, as described above?

Can I power the powermouse from the PAW with the free pins on port 1 within the FTDI USB cable? (Pins 1 and 8 or 2 and 7). I would save a cable (in port 2) in the cockpit. If yes: which FTDI wires do I use?

If not:
Does the powermouse power cable come with the powermouse ready made? Do you have a link? Is an Anker powerbank with a USB oder USB-C connection sufficient?
What do I do with the other wires of the FTDI cable that are not in use?
With those questions answered and clarified for me I will go ahead with the procedure and share my experience installing PAW and Powermouse with detailed photos.

Kind regards,
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