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General Discussion / Re: Enhancement Requests
« on: June 08, 2016, 04:43:10 pm »
For precise traffic, we have everything we need in order to accurately and definitively provide audio and visual prompts to the user, and we can control when those audio prompts occur. For example the audio alerts occur by intrusion into 3 zones
10KM +/-2000ft
5KM +/-1000ft
3KM +/- 500ft

So as you can see, there are no precise traffic warnings for traffic at 75 miles  :o
Hi Lee,

Thanks for the clarification; I'll need to check my configuration again, (box at home, I'm 200 miles away until the weekend)  but I'm pretty sure I had the filters closed right down, and yet naggy Nora was still chirruping at me!

General Discussion / Re: Enhancement Requests
« on: June 08, 2016, 06:51:20 am »
I'd like to be able to filter out audio warnings for traffic greater than a certain distance away. Hearing 'Traffic noticed' every time an airliner gets airborne 75 miles away is a bit pointless, frankly.

BTW Mode S Ground Mode and Standby are not the same thing, AFAIUI.  Standby means your transponder effectively is switched off, but powered up. Ground Mode means it still responds, but with a flag set (I think).

Just to conclude this thread - Lee took a look at the logs above and decided that a new ADS-B module was in order; I received that today from Dave, and all is working fine now.

Thanks chaps, excellent service.

Technical Support / Re: ADS-B has stopped working on my Classic
« on: May 31, 2016, 08:59:28 pm »
Hi Lee,

Two screen shots attached.

This is running with the supplied cable, but as noted before, the unit was running fine up until Monday with the cable supplied with the power pack. This is an EasyAcc 2nd generation 10000maH, and capable of delivering 2.4A. The only thing running off it is the PAW.

Technical Support / Re: ADS-B has stopped working on my Classic
« on: May 31, 2016, 10:15:37 am »
Hi Lee,

That was quick! I'll get a chance to have a play this evening, although at home and not in the aircraft.

I received one of the first batch of Classics, and had it fired up and working in 15 minutes with no problems. I'm using it with SkyDemon.

I used it in anger for the first time on a trip to Berlin and back this weekend. On the way out there, it worked just as I expected, picking up lots of targets, both Mode S and ADS-B (I'm not aware that I've spotted any PAW targets yet). However, coming back over the last two days, its performance has continuously degraded to the point that even after opening up the sensitivity and removing the height filters (on SkyDemon as well) I'm seeing nothing.

The ADS-B receiver USB module seems to be getting quite hot, compared to the other plug-ins and the unit itself. I was using a short power lead supplied with an Easyacc rechargeable battery pack to start with, and have tried again with the supplied lead to no avail.

I let the whole lot cool down and tried again off the aircraft, and as before it is seeing no targets. The 'traffic light' block remains resolutely red, all others being green, and the Traffic page is empty.

Any ideas, or have I just got a dud ADS-B unit which needs replacing?

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