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Hi Peter

I did wonder if it could be a proximity issue as it is literally on the rear of my console from where the iPad sits whereby my iphone (which is more solid in running SD/PAW) would be about 30cm away. See PAW page attached showing i have currently set on 50mv - is that what you mean?

Hi Peter

1.   I have just now emailed Lee the Track and also 2 snapshots of (1) my iPhone and (2) my iPad, during this same flight showing iPhone running SD with PAW fine and at same time iPad showing "Connecting to Device"

2.   I attach 3 photos showing the PAW installation with the 40 bolt panel removed and I have added some comments on this to help.



Hi Peter

Re the last 3 paras of your post:

1.   If i  temporarily remove the 1090 SDR dongle for a short flight to see if that makes any difference to the connectivity, will that not disable the PAW as isn’t that the PAW wifi? So removing that will stop PAW transmitting to my iPad and iPhone, or am I getting confused?

2.   Not sure what/where is the Air Connect Key at the “default 6000” but anyway I dont  think Flarm will then show on my iPad as I have been told you need to pay an annual £30 to receive Flarm on SD if not piggy backing it via PAW

3.  If days away then perhaps I should simply wait for the release to see if it cures this, especially as to physically access  my Classic PAW I have to remove about 40 screws to take off a panel on my Eurostar.

3.1.  What email shall i send the track file to Lee for analysis.



Hi Peter

Re Facebook posts, if you go to the EV-97 Group and see the post started by Gordon Verity on 12th July 2020. There are now some 83 replies. His opening post was”.....Does anyone else have issues connecting Pilot aware to SkyDemon on a tablet from time to time? Seems to work perfectly for a couple of legs then get in the plane and it won’t connect. So have to go back to using the internal GPS in the tablet. All seems a bit flakey at times

Hi Peter

1.   I can confirm my iPad wifi source is indeed showing as Pilotaware when I get the “Connecting to Device” hanging message. It is always the first thing I check. Yesterday during the flight I then tried switching off the wifi and then back on. It quite happily reconnected Pilotaware as the wifi source but still got the “Connecting to Device” hanging message. I even switched the iPad entirely off and on in the hope that would make a difference. It did not, even though Pilotaware was once again the wifi source.  On the flights I get the “Connecting to Device” message it is 50/50 whether at some point during that flight it starts working as then during the flight while on SD  I keep flicking between the iPad internal “Use Location Services” which is 100% reliable and use “Pilotaware” until it works or I give up and continue the rest of the flight on “Use Location Services” and can’t see PAW traffic (which I still however hear via the PAW audio output plumbed into my transceiver).

2.  I confirm I checked and I can always always access the Pilotaware pages no problem. In fact last year I created a shortcut to my iPad home screen to this page so I can easily access PAW during a flight

3.  I don’t see it can be the PAW wifi connection as yesterday it was simultaneously working on my iPhone while not working on the iPad - even though both devices had Pilotaware as the connected wifi source. Surely the conflict must be something else?

As I mentioned on my first post, there appear numerous others with this issue. I do hope the issue can be traced and hopefully sorted on what is otherwise for me such a fantastic product. I would be quite happy to purchase the upgrade from my Classic/ Standard PAW to Rosetta if that would evaporate the problem.


Hi Peter

1. My 5th generation iPad runs 13.6.1. My iPhone runs 13.5.1 (but will update tonight)
2  I indeed have a Flarm mouse connected into the PAW
3. On the PAW/Configure/Device Connect Setting I have it set to PilotAware (UDP)


Hi Lee

I attach screenshots of my iPhone and iPad from an earlier flight today - you can see the iPad is yet again showing the "Connecting to Device" hanging message while the iPhone is running PAW on SkyDemon just fine. I have the downloaded PAW track for that flight but it is 1.96Mb and this forum has a file size limit of 512KB. Should I send you this track somewhere?  If so, I do hope it can give you a clue as to what is the issue!

Lee - willdo to both suggestions - thanks.

Peter - every time this happens I  always as a matter of course  try “stop flying” then reconnecting but that generally doesn't stop the “Connecting to Device” hanging message.

Mariko - thanks for input but yes my iPad is connected to the PAW wifi.

Technical Support / iOS14 / SkyDemon connection issues
« on: August 25, 2020, 10:43:48 am »
I and numerous others (going by the Facebook posts) are still plagued by the dreaded hanging message “Connecting to Device”. See attached image. I am using latest version iPad running Sky Demon and set to Pilotaware UDP. However, yesterday I could not run Sky Demon using PAW (so had to use the iPad internal Location Services to run Sky Demon) but frustratingly at same time I found my iPhone 11 connected and ran Pilot Aware to Sky Demon seamlessly.

It would be so good to resolve this issue for so many of us  for what is otherwise such a great product!

My contact at Funke Germany (Michael Frost) called me back same day yesterday. My Funke transponder is from 2014. From 2015 they slightly changed the hardware but still called the software version 5.3 (which software I have). Only their transponders from 2015 transmit heading and speed as well. Michael says there are thousands of Funke transponders that are like mine and so the company is working hard to provide a solution and in fact are now already in beta testing stage of new software that will upgrade some earlier transponders. He told me to call back in about 8 weeks and he expects to be able to advise when I can do the mod. He thought it may (but not sure yet) also require a minor physical mod. Either way, for certification purposes, it will have to go back to Germany, and is expected to cost circa 200 euros!

Michael also mentioned the following - and please don't shoot the messenger  ???

1.             Although the data does indeed come from the transponder, he commented that why could not the receiving device be programmed to
                calculate direction from the track it plots?

2.             He also stated Funke are innovative and as technology improves so they work hard to keep up to date and it would not be fair to expect
                Funke to have to foot the bill every time technology moves on. Even though I know Trig offer free upgrades, I suppose he may have at
                least some point, however unpalatable for myself and other Funke users!


I have a helpful contact at Funke in Germany. I just phoned him. He explained transponder technology has moved forwards and newer units also give data on speed and heading, not just position. However he also said my 2014 transponder (Funke TRT800H-OLED) with software version 5.3 should be doing this already. Anyway, he requested I email him the sky demon snapshot showing my plane flying backwards, which I have done.

I will keep you updated.

I have seen various references to this issue on the forum but couldn't see anything definitive about resolving. Myself and another friend flew south down to Sandown yesterday. We both have pilot aware and transponders. I have a Funke with version 5.3 software. Although we were flying in loose formation in the same direction, the plane icon showing me (G-NILT) just to left of him on his skydemon was pointing north not south (see snapshot below). Any idea if this can be resolved as obviously could be dangerous?

Technical Support / Re: Traffic Page - own aircraft not always showing
« on: January 12, 2020, 12:13:03 pm »
G-IMPS is simply using the Rosetta “as is” with its two stubby aerials. I have leads from my Pilot Aware feeding two stubby aerials connected underneath (they fit through two existing 6mm jig holes on the Eurostar that the BMAA gave permission to drill out to 8mm).

Technical Support / Re: Traffic Page - own aircraft not always showing
« on: January 12, 2020, 10:15:28 am »
I would be interested if Lee responds to Peter's last post.

To possibly confuse further, on 11th Jan, myself and another plane (G-IMPS) flew together. The owner having just fitted Pilotaware. You can see from below that the screenshot of my own Traffic screen at 3.46pm shows both myself G-NILT in grey and G-IMPS in red but his screenshot at 3.47pm only shows me G-NILT in red but not him at all !

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