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Technical Support / Re: GPS Signal Lost
« on: April 17, 2021, 09:28:56 am »
Thanks Lee.

1.   You mention below if software it would be seen across every device. That is what is happening (i.e. showing on both my iPad and iPhone at same time). .

2. This message occurred when radio was not being used

3.  Will send the Track later

Technical Support / Re: GPS Signal Lost
« on: April 17, 2021, 06:39:35 am »
Flying today and “GPS SIGNAL LOST” message again at 2000 feet, on one of the 5 or so occasions when the pilot aware GPS failed on a 40 minute flight. Before lockdown it was far less flakey. I therefore can’t help thinking software upgrades not hardware are causing this. I have not yet tried moving the pilot aware mouse so it is still positioned underneath the fibreglass that sits on top of the console.

Technical Support / Re: GPS Signal Lost
« on: April 14, 2021, 06:42:48 am »
Thanks all and Peter is correct with the photo showing my pilot aware GPS mouse glued under fibreglass. On flights yesterday from Herts to Norfolk Coast (reaching upto 5000 feet) i was still intermittently losing GPS signals. I have the PAW mouse tucked under the fibreglass for aesthetics to keep my cockpit neater but think I will bite the bullet and reposition the mouse inside the cockpit but now on top of the same fibreglass. It will then have same “sky view” as the ipad with its internal GPS (which always works 100%)

Will then report back

Technical Support / Re: GPS Signal Lost
« on: April 08, 2021, 01:56:19 pm »
1.    I attach a snapshot of my PAW home screen. This was taken yesterday, just when SD was hanging with the "GPS Signal Lost" message . I can see the bottom line GPS signal on the attached
       snapshot is orange and I wonder if that is significant. Is it informing that PAW can see 8 satellites but is only using 3. I would add when running SD using the iPad internal Location Services
      (GPS) it aways always works seamlessly and SD never ever hangs with a "GPS Signal Lost" message, never!
2.    Despite the above glitch, which happened just after takeoff, SD using Pilot Aware was more stable yesterday than a few days earlier. On a 40 minute flght it was generally stable but there
       were still about 4 times when it glitched and I got the "GPS Signal Lost".



iPad mini 5         IOS13.7 (will bite the bullet and finally upgrade tonight to 14.4.2)
iPhone 12           IOS14.4.2
PAW classic        20200906   (will upgrade to 20201101 next time at airfield)
SD - iPad 
SD - iPhone
FLARM               7.01

Technical Support / Re: GPS Signal Lost
« on: April 06, 2021, 12:45:00 am »
Thanks Steveu and Peter - I will upgrade and check the points you both mentioned and report back - the GPS is the one that PAW supply that connects by a cable to the PAW unit. I did wonder if the connection had worked loose - on my Eurostar it is a 50 or so screw panel that I have to undo to get access to check

Technical Support / GPS Signal Lost
« on: April 05, 2021, 08:07:54 pm »
Since flying resumed last week, I keep getting “GPS Signal Lost”. This seems more likely pre take-off,  but even when flying it still happens more often than not. If I have my iPhone and iPad simultaneously running SD using “Use PilotAware” they will both show “GPS Signal Lost”.  I can still hear the PAW audio warnings via PAW audio-out plumbed into my radio. If I then revert to use the iPad or iPhone internal GPS i.e. “Use Location Services” it works 100% of time but obviously SD then no longer shows other traffic.

Any clues anyone? The only thing I can think that has changed is software upgrades to SD, iPhone and iPad?

iPad mini 5         IOS14.4.1
iPhone 12           IOS14.4.2
PAW classic        20200906
SD - iPad           3.15.1
SD - iPhone
FLARM                7.01

Technical Support / Re: iOS14 / SkyDemon connection issues
« on: October 04, 2020, 05:51:22 pm »
Hi Paul (and Peter) Yes typo on my part and I confirm my version PAW is 20200906 with a 6 (not 9) at end

iPad mini 5        IOS13.7
iPhone 11          IOS14.0.1
PAW classic       20200906
SD - iPad 
SD - iPhone
FLARM              7.01

Technical Support / Re: iOS14 / SkyDemon connection issues
« on: October 04, 2020, 09:28:24 am »
Thanks SD. Both iPad and iPhone now running PAW through SD perfectly and no “Waiting for Device” messages any more. I am however keeping iPad on IOS13.7 and not upgrading just yet.


iPad mini 5        IOS13.7
iPhone 11          IOS14.0.1
PAW classic       20200909
SD - iPad 
SD - iPhone
FLARM              7.01

Exactly like jrb reported above, my iPhone is still stubbornly refusing to run SD with PilotAware since my iPhone upgraded to IOS 14.0, even with the SD iPhone upgrade to

My iPad (still on old IOS13.7) continues to work fine.


iPad mini 5 IOS13.7
iPhone 11 IOS14.0
PAW classic Version 20200909
SD on iPad Version
SD on iPhone Version

The saga continues but now iPhone!

My iPhone 11 just upgraded its operating system. Since this upgrade last week my iPhone refuses to connect PAW to SD and I just get the hanging message “Connecting to Device”. I then upgraded PAW a few days ago to the new upgrade but my iPhone still won’t connect - any thoughts!

PS my iPad is currently running PAW with SD perfectly!


iPad mini 5         IOS13.7
IPhone 11           IOS14.0
PAW classic      Version 20200909
SD on iPad         Version
SD on iPhone      Version

Both my devices are on 13.6.1.

Hi Jrb

Yes, exactly the issue a number of us have! Re PaulSS post just before, it is not that, as that is something I check every time the issue arises!

Ashley from PAW phoned me a few days ago about this issue. He mentioned the iPad OS has some differences to the iPhone OS and so could be a possibility why the iPhone gives a more consistent connection.

We agreed I would add a password to PAW as that may help iPad “see” PAW as a “Trusted Device” and therefore improve connectivity. I did two flights today with a PAW password (45 minute flight to Kent in morning and back in afternoon). Worked perfectly both ways.  Fingers crossed but if it gets flakey again I will report here.

It would be interesting to know if others with the issue try a PAW password and what happened

  :D  that is good news - are you able to elaborate a little as to what was the issue?

Hi Lee

Yes is the answer to both questions. When I get the "Connecting to Device" hanging message I invariably check my Ipad settings to see if the iPad is still showing PAW as the wifi connection (it invariably is) and then use an iPad short cut link I created on my iPad to get onto the PAW webpage and I always can, no problems.

The above "proof of connection" is not a surprise to me in light of the fact my iPhone 11 is far less flakey at getting PAW to work with SD and although it may occasionally still get me the the "Connecting to Device" message, that is far less likely. See screen shots I previously posted (and emailed you when I sent the Track) of iPhone and iPad within a few seconds of each other showing only iPhone running SD/PAW and iPad showing "Connecting to Device"



Presumably as the iPad and PAW are on opposite sides of same part of my instrument console I should start with decreasing rather than increasing ?



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