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Technical Support / Re: Flarm Into PAW
« on: January 19, 2022, 10:15:35 pm »
As an aside, this is kinda what we are doing with a new product we are currently testing called Rossetta FX., FX is a very small 50 grammes device that will be attached in series with a Flarm device and its display. It will basically inject all the other aircraft that a flarm device doesn't see directly. It can be powered from the Flarm or USB 5V or 6-15V DC power. Its much lower power consumption s it will run off an Anker battery for 7 days.

Working in conjunction with the ATOM GRID and Sky GRID a flarm equipped glider will then have Flarm in and out PilotAware in and out ADSB in (from a chip, not a dongle) and also get the advantages of Mode-S 3D and everything else we will broadcast from the ATOM grounds stations and Sky-GRID with the next software release. Spoiler alert, our resident genius 'Professor' Moore nearly has the Weather RADAR screen working albeit with a little less hair. these days

The combined view of all traffic will be shown on a smart device EFB etc just like Rosetta.

This is a continuation of our mission to integrate the different types of EC together and will help gliders who are thermalling to see the PA28 that has Mode-S only is about to fly through the gaggle that are thermalling.

Before anyone states the obvious, no the PA28 will not see the Gliders unless he/she has an inexpensive PilotAware Rosetta installed but if he/she does then he/she will. Either directly or via the ATOM GRID or via Sky GRID.

You are really getting very clever Mr Moore is there anymore. SIC   

Latest News / PilotAware License Price Increase.
« on: January 19, 2022, 09:53:36 am »
    PilotAware License Price Increase.

    Unfortunately, after 6 years we have to increase the annual license fee for PilotAware.

    Since 2016, PilotAware has continuously innovated to develop low-cost electronic conspicuity that provides as much functionality and interoperability as possible.

    Development is costly and prices are increasing. Consequently, we now have to increase the subscription by a modest £1 a month to £24 a year plus vat to cover the increased costs. We believe that the increased subscription still remains incredibly good value and will allow us to continue to innovate at a fast pace and provide you with even more incredible features to make our skies even safer.

    During this time PilotAware has continually raised its value through the addition of exceptional features, well over and above the original specification.

    These include;

    •   †Flight recording of all aircraft detected around you
                     o  Useful for airprox assumptions and investigations.
    •   Mode-C/S detection as a bearing less target.
                     o Providing vertical separation of Mode C/S aircraft.
    •   †Voice alerts.
                     o Allowing warnings whilst still maintain a horizontal scan.
    •   PilotAware RADAR screen.
                     o Providing a clearer view of local aircraft.
    •   †Subsidised installation of PilotAware ATOM stations.
                     o Over 300 stations installed in UK - Europe
    •   †Flarm detection and rebroadcast.
                     o Adding over 3500 Flarm targets
    •   †Mode-S/3D.
                     o Adding over 10,000 potential Mode-S targets
    •   Development of the PilotAware software defined network (GRID).
                     o Integrating stations together to provide greater range and capacity.
    •   †METARS
                     o Complementary In flight METARS from all stations within 150KMs
    •   †Historic remote playback of all flights and aircraft detected.
                     o Data provided to Aircrew Visualisation Apps
    •   Automatic software update.
                     o Memory stick
                     o Router
                     o Mobile Phone, IOS and Android.
    •   †PilotAware VECTOR EC fidelity checker
                     o Designed to help all GA pilots get the most out of any EC device.
    •   †PilotAware SkyGRID enhanced relay network.
                     oRevolutionary method of detecting aircraft at low levels and providing missing traffic data.[/li][/list]

      †UK, or World, first implementation

    The increase will take effect on licences updated after February 1st 2022.

    Technical Support / Re: Polar diagram shows no activity with PilotAware
    « on: January 15, 2022, 06:22:09 pm »
    Also, check that the 90-degree adapters are not reverse polarity.

    Nice one Andrew.

    Very pragmatic


    A paper has been put up on the PilotAware website outlining the effect of the CAA's latest ruling on the use of non approved systems at aerodromes.

    The result is that ATOM Stations can now be used for situational awareness but cannot be used for giving advice through a Flight Information Service by an ATCO or FISO.

    We now have over 120 ATOM stations (of the 240 installed) in use at airstrips and airfields, including the military, so this is good news. However, as most of these sites (but by no means all) don't have ATCO's and FISO's a Flight Information Service cannot be provided anyway.

    However, many of the airfields with ATOM's installed include Primary RADAR sites, so over time, we will be able to heed the CAP670 advice and check the information provided against real-world experience. Hopefully, this will provide evidence that some of the data is in fact good enough for inclusion in the provision of FIS reports and thereby contribute to aviation safety as it has recently at Turweston and other sites.

    This reminds me very much of the way that the disruptive technology of the internet totally overtook telecommunications private circuits (with hideously expensive rental costs) and is now indispensable. It took time but it now seems crazy to have paid thousands of pounds a year for a 2 MB/S link when 60MB/s is now available for £20+ a month.  plus sa change!

    The Blog post can be found at

    Also, have a look at the post on this forum on setting up a screen in your clubhouse using a Raspberry Pi in Kiosk Mode.,2139.0.html

    OGN-R PilotAware / Re: Clubhouse Display
    « on: January 14, 2022, 03:04:05 pm »
    Thank's Steve U for providing the Kiosk link.

    I have just put up a blog post on the website outlining the effect of the CAA's latest ruling, via CAP 670 issued in December 2021, on the use of CAA unapproved systems at aerodromes.

    The result is that ATOM Stations can now be used for situational awareness but cannot be used for giving advice through a Flight Information Service by an ATCO or FISO.

    We have over 120 ATOM stations now in use at airstrips and airfields so this is good news. However, as most of these sites (but by no means all) don't have ATCO's and FISO's a Flight Information Service cannot be provided anyway.

    ATOMs are now used in several very large airfields including those with Primary RADAR so over time we will be able to heed the advice in CAP670 and check the information provided against real-world experience. Hopefully, this will provide evidence that some of the data is in fact good enough for inclusion in the provision of FIS reports and thereby contribute to aviation safety as it has at Turweston and other sites.

    The Blog post can be found at

    Thanks again for helping Steve, I hope that lots of others hook up redundant flat-screen televisions for the best Situational Awareness screen available today. 

    General Discussion / Re: Enhancement Requests
    « on: January 07, 2022, 08:35:18 am »
    Hi Neil
    Unfortunately, you cannot get the SkyDemon voice alerts from PilotAware.



    Latest News / Latest PilotAware Software Released for 2022
    « on: January 01, 2022, 04:18:07 pm »
    Happy New Year 2022 to You All from PilotAware.

    To start off 2022 on a high note, PilotAware has issued its latest software release 20220101.

    We would like to thank all of the members of the PilotAware TestFlight Team who have spent the last 3 months testing the latest release. Thanks to you all for your feedback and suggestions.

    As well as providing updates and bug fixes, it introduces exciting new technology that takes yet another innovative step along the road towards complete situational awareness, in the air and on the ground.

    We call this technology PilotAware SkyGRID and you can read all about it on the PilotAware website Blog at

    As well as releasing SkyGRID, we have also updated the website and expanded the Knowledgebase as a single point of contact for information on getting the most out of your PilotAware. This includes the latest Operating Instructions which have been broken down into individual sections for ease of use.

    Visit the knowledge base at

    Sky GRID is just one of the new technologies that we will be releasing in 2022 and the new software includes other features that we can switch on when we are ready.

    Download the latest software now to take advantage of SkyGRID and take your PilotAware Electronic Conspicuity and situational awareness to the next level and see even more aircraft particularly at low levels.

    PilotAware Team
    January 2022.

    OGN-R PilotAware / Re: New Stations Added
    « on: December 08, 2021, 02:46:06 pm »
    Thanks, Bob

    New sites to be dispatched this week include Smrtsky near Daventry, Seagull at Haverfordwest Cosford and Huntingdon.

    Still hoping to have 250 installed by the end of the year



    Latest News / Happy Christmas with 10% off Antennas and Antenna Kits
    « on: December 08, 2021, 02:30:02 pm »
    Happy Christmas from PilotAware

    We would like to wish you, your family, and your flying buddies a very happy Christmas and a safe New Year in 2022.

    The elves at PilotAware HQ and the 'Test Flight Team' have been busy testing the latest software release and it is amazing.

    Santas' little helper tells me that the new software will detect more aircraft than ever particularly at low levels of flight. In addition, the new software will prepare all in-flight Rosetta Units for the next innovation in Electronic Conspicuity, raising the bar of functionality available only to PilotAware users.

    The innovations include new software that has been downloaded onto all PilotAware ATOM stations, of which there are now more than 230 installed in the UK. New ATOM stations are being installed at a rate of 2 or 3 a week and there is still plenty of free ATOM stuff available if you want to install one at your site. Otherton is one of the latest installations which has prompted additional sites at RAF Cosford and Fisherwick near Tamworth. An ATOM station includes the best Virtual RADAR Screen input available today at any price. If you want to join in the fun email us at

    To get the most out of the new software and improve the range and performance of your existing carry-on Rosetta we recommend the installation of remote antennas and a GPS mouse. This allows you to hide the main PilotAware unit behind the dashboard or elsewhere out of sight making for a neat unseen installation with no wires showing and with improved performance all round. Kits and antennas are available for all types of aircraft including microlights, gyros and helicopters.

    To celebrate the holiday and allow you to get your aircraft prepared, we're offering a 10% discount on all remote antennas, remote antenna kits, and Rosetta units with remote antenna bundles, including external or internal antenna kits. Rosetta units sold with external bundles also qualify for the DfT CAA EC grant, giving a further 50% off (up to a maximum of £250). PilotAware units will never be this inexpensive again.

    This offer applies to equipment bought directly from the PilotAware store at and will continue until January 1st 2022. Enter 'CHRISTMAS21' at the checkout to claim your discount.

    If you don't receive the PilotAware 'Email News' please sign up using the following




    Following a recent visit to install ATOM Stations in Cornwall, we met with the Chairman of the Dartmoor Mountain Rescue Teams who let us know that it would help their rescue efforts immensely if they had a real-time view of aircraft flying over Dartmoor. It would be particularly helpful to be able to track the Devon and Cornwall Air Ambulances and the Coastguard Helicopters when they attend rescues, particularly in poor visibility.

    So for the last 3 months, PilotAware has been working with them to provide a feed from the ATOM GRID to do just that. All aircraft detected using, ADSB, PilotAware, Mode-S, Flarm and Fanet+ are now plotted on the MRMaps system that they use for command and control. This enhancement to the MRMaps system has also been rolled nationally to all volunteer search and rescue groups in the UK.

    In response, the Dartmoor Mountain Rescue Teams are negotiating to install an ATOM Station on Dartmoor to further enhance traffic capture. This will also be of great value to speed up location if an aircraft with EC was to go down on the moor.

    For more information please see the blog below and spread the word to your flying colleagues.

    French Specific Forum / Re: Bienvenue
    « on: April 21, 2021, 10:07:09 am »
    Pourquoi Stratux est-il meilleur pour afficher le modeC / S?

    French Specific Forum / Welcome
    « on: March 19, 2021, 09:15:43 am »
    This Forum has been set up to allow discussion between the growing list of PilotAware users in France. Please use it to communicate with your flying colleagues especially those that are not fluent in English. Normal Forum Rules apply courteous and polite please as you always are.

    Please note that we will not be able to answer technical questions from the UK unless they are posted on the British Forum in English sorry. However, there are a growing number of champions in France who understand the power of PilotAware and will be able to help you directly.

    Looks like there is a poll on the GA Aviation Community Facebook page to see what Electronic conspicuity you use. It would be rude not to vote.

    OGN-R PilotAware / Re: Which antenna co-ax?
    « on: February 08, 2021, 04:44:52 pm »
    Hi Julian

    RG8 and LM400 are very thick low loss cables
    RG8x and CLF 200 are the thinner versions

    The thinner versions are OK for up to 4 metres.

    I buy in bulk if you want me to make the cables up at cost



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