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Technical Support / Re: Just getting to use it
« on: July 01, 2016, 05:22:05 pm »
Many thanks for the feedback

I suspect the issue is a poorly fitting cigarette charger plug.
I think we have the Lonestar charger socket from LAS in the panel but the charger plug is a little loose.
I seem to remember there may be 2 different sizes of cigarette charger. Has anyone come across this?

I wasn't aware of the location limitation with Mode S. I have now enabled PAW to detect bearing less inputs and will play around to see if I can get some additional returns


Technical Support / Re: Just getting to use it
« on: June 26, 2016, 11:34:51 pm »
I can't remember the explicit message but Sky Demon stops tracking location until wi fi connection is re established.
Currently seems to occur every 5 minutes or so

Technical Support / Just getting to use it
« on: June 26, 2016, 11:00:13 pm »
I have just started using the PAW in a Piper Tri pacer with aerials mounted on front cowling powered by higher ampage cigarette lighter adaptor.

Couple of quick questions:

I am fairly frequently loosing the connection between the ipad/Sky Demon and the PAW unit. Does the connection automatically drop when the ipad screen saver comes on? If so is there a fix or do I need to disable screen saver when flying?

I fly out of Shoreham and see all the commercial Gatwick traffic but don't remember, after several trips, seeing any local non commercial traffic. Any checks I should do to see if it is working properly?

Many thanks


Great thanks

I was just wondering whether rear parcel shelf would work but that I suspect that is shielded upwards by metallic wing tanks and downwards by metal covering panels

PS Fantastic achievement to get this all together at this price point with such great functionality - well done everyone involved !!

General Discussion / Re: PilotAware Map
« on: May 17, 2016, 02:36:50 pm »
Added near Crawley flying out of Shoreham

ok last last question ....
Where's best to look for advice on optimal orientation / placement of the two aerials?
First use will be in a Piper tri pacer

ok no worries - I wrongly assumed the unit had an internal rechargeable battery like the GNS blue tooth aerial which charges up from the USB power source.

I guess with the GPS receiver and PAW receiver / transmitter there's an awful lot going on to be supported by an internal battery

Ok my mistake - had dropped wi-fi hot spot whilst taking it outside.
May be worth documenting that error message means dropped wi-fi.

All now working great and picking up circuit traffic from Redhill 10 miles away !!

One last question (for now anyway) - charging time and approximate usage time for internal battery?

I am off flying, whilst of course keeping a darn good lookout with Mark one eye ball!!!

So licence all set up and Software installed Unit plug into power source and next to ipad.
Followed chapter on how to use Sky Demon via Flarm with 6000 code but I get an error message:

'Failed to establish a connection with Butterfly Connect unit.'

Tried turning ipad on and off.
Tried turning location services on and off (assume this does not need to be on when using Flarm?)
but no joy. Suggestions please?

Two other ideas on install notes.

Let people know if they have a support question they can only post it on General section of forum took me a while to work this out.

Supply a URL link to the forum / chapter on individual device installs as you have kindly done for me in this post.

Brill stuff just providing feedback to hopefully make life easier for everyone going forwards!

Many thanks


Nope - just followed instructions to go to Wi-Fi config page to get MAC address. Does not mention to log in and was nervous to do so before updating licence. If I log in to Wi Fi hotspot first all works fine so thanks very much for that. May be worth quick clarification of install instructions to tell peeps to log in first for the hard of thinking like me.

One other quick question - I use Sky Demon on an ipad without internal GPS and previously had to use a blue tooth connection to a GNS 5870 MFI external GPS antennae from which I find the location data link to the I-pad  is frequently dropped /lost.

Can I now use the internal pilot aware GPS through the wi fi hotspot to feed sky demon location data and do away with the other GNS device?

Many thanks


Very excited to get my new unit today.
Followed instructions ok to assemble and get the 1 year licence key.
When I entered the IP address to get to the configuration page to update the licence code it takes me to the configuration page for my TP link Powerline extender instead. Tried on several different devices with the same effect.
Is there another route to the configuration page or how can I fix?

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