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Nice one PAW, I think I'll leave my Funke connected to my old Garmin though.
Until there's a good reason to move it back I don't fancy that trip under the panel.

Regarding Skysafe, I was away on tour darn Sarf/Cornwall over the weekend. Monitored it now and again and the phone signal soon drops out so unless low level and flying close to many masts it stops working. One thing that it shows that I've never seen before on anything is parachutes. So worth a look now and again to see who's about as discussed above.

Begs the question, could Sky Safe flying be fed into the ATOM grid for flyers who have only a mobile phone?

Regards, Clive

Technical Support / Re: ADS-B status line
« on: May 24, 2021, 11:29:19 am »
This is exactly what my old Funke TXP with a GPS NMEA input used to do. The reason why I bought a new one when the Funke updates didn't include my transponder due to its age.

Regards, Clive

General Discussion / Re: SafeSky App
« on: May 24, 2021, 11:27:13 am »

I doubt GA with transponders only will know where we are. It needs an internet connection and isn't universal yet...

Surely that's the point of Sky Safe, anyone, at no cost, with a G'd mobile can get a picture of who's about in the sky, even GA with an old Mode C can have a look on Sky Safe and see who is flying, it's not conclusive and, as you say latency is an issue, but there is good info to be had that wasn't previously available. I've never seen indication of parachutes in the air anywhere before so it has to be step forward and I am encouraging any pilots to have a look at Sky Safe.

Regards, Clive

General Discussion / Re: SafeSky App
« on: May 23, 2021, 01:52:51 pm »
Hi Steve, the great thing if you guys are on SkySafe is everyone will know you are about and either look out for you or steer clear.
I've seen several of your peers on it testing already and when I'm flying it will be great information, especially when you are cliff or ridge soaring and there's a bunch of you. I have PAW and use FR24 now and again (I live near Helo corridor) and have recently added Sky Safe. All these things just make my look out keener as there are still those who don't transmit anything and any of these systems are not conclusive.

See you up there, Regards, Clive

Sounds good Peter and Brian.

I'm happy to help if I can though not keen to get under the panel again for a while. Where I have made the option to change over GPS NMEA feed easier it's not flicking a switch. I have made the change back to The Garmin semi permanent so I don't need to revisit to tidy it up.
There is one more PAW at my field but the ASDB exchange seems to be a good test tool.

I was testing Safe Skies yesterday whilst being monitored by another user on the ground, seemed pretty seamless if you have 3 or 4G, the track shows when I was turning the Funke on and off. No other aircraft about so couldn't check the collision warnings, I'm going to give that a go when I'm not the only aircraft flying in North Norfolk.

Regards, Clive

ADMINS: The end of this string is really about what a Funke transponder is transmitting when it gets its GPS information from the PAW unit as opposed to another GPS. As such maybe it needs to be re-titled? Or seperated?

So what happens next regarding the, what looks like, lack of track being passed over?
My tests suggest the PAW unit isn't sending the same information as a regular GPS (in my case a Garmin 196).
Is this something that can be changed within the PAW unit?
Or am I understand the functionality incorrectly?

Regards, Clive

Went down the airfield and interrogated the Garmin.
It's a 196 so Black and White, I can update it so i've never thought of changing it.

It's set to 4800 and the 9600 is only available if you simplify the text it sends out so I didn't move that.
It's as Lee says so the message it's sending is as per his list which is from the manual, which obviously works.
It hasn't compromised my HSI or my autopilot so the Garmin is successfully sending to three units.
From what I've just read 232 was for a single link between two computers and as such doesn't guarantee multi drop but it obviously works in my case.

Given it seems to be doing the job for the Funke I'm going to leave it as it is.
Have also forwarded the info to Funke who replied 'we are talking to Pilot Aware'

So, looks like something needs doing with the PilotAware to supply the info that is missing (track made good), the rest seems ok?

Regards, Clive

I think you are right, just been looking at it.
Doubt mine is set to anything extra but I'll go and have a look shortly.
The options to send extra data don't look like they would help with aircraft position and track which is all we need for the TXP?
Rather they are for using with other gadgets, waypoints, Routes, and to show status of the GPS and satellites.
If both can take 9600 baud maybe I'll move it up to that.

Reading the manual, whatever next.....

My GPS is connected to and works with an Dynon HSI with all the Nav stuff showing so maybe it has some extras being sent.
Heading to airfield for a look see, 


Had to look them up....

GPRMC, Recommended minimum specific GPS/Transit data
GPGGA, Global Positioning System Fix Data
GPGLL, Geographic position, latitude / longitude
GPBWC, Bearing and distance to waypoint, great circle
GPVTG, Track made good and ground speed
GPXTE, Cross-track error, Measured
GPRMB, Recommended minimum navigation info

OK, so according to the manual it will send the following......Whose manual?

Regards, Clive

Hi Clive
What settings have you configured for the nmea output
You can find this under advanced settings

Just the straight NMEA at 4800 baud.
Regards, Clive

I've also contacted Funke but no reply. The Garmin is an old unit but works fine and feeds my Dynon and Autopilot successfully.
Any now the Funke by the look of it. It was feeding my old TXP but I moved it to the PAW in case that was why SkyEcho's weren't picking it up. It didn't make any difference as I think the old TXP didn't have the extended Squitter working correctly.
See what Lee thinks, for sure something's changed as now my track is being transmitted and it wasn't before when it was using PAW derived data. 
Regards, Clive

can we assume there is a problem with the PAW derived GPS data?

I will try and get a friend to check it out from his equipment in the week.

Regards Clive

No one monitoring, figured as the ADSB exchange showed my last flight pointing North all the while and now it shows the track like you would expect that it's a step forward?

It says ADSB on the page while it plays it?


Check this out. My new Funke connected to a Garmin 396.

Comments appreciated.

Regards, Clive

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