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General Discussion / Different aircraft profiles / license expiry
« on: April 17, 2023, 11:08:39 am »
Is it possible that different aircraft profiles (on the configuration page) can contain old versions of the software key?
I loaded a saved profile and the software subsequently reported 'license expired' but it should be valid for another month.
I hope to re visit the aircraft this afternoon to check

Technical Support / Track file explainer / crib sheet
« on: April 10, 2023, 08:47:39 pm »
Is there an existing guide to the {date/time}.trk file so that I can better analyse the raw data?
I check my tracks and aircraft spotted etc, but I would also like to see:
- how many FLARM, PAw, ADSB, ADSB-DF18(SE20), Mode S, Mode C the PAw has captured on a flight.
- whether the aircraft has been directly detected, passed by ground station or passed via iGrid
- what detected ship is emitting
-  'spiky' location data
I can work some of it out, but a reference sheet would be invaluable

Technical Support / ATOM Grid not connecting to Server
« on: January 22, 2023, 12:50:07 pm »
Is this the right place to enquire about ATOM Grid?
I seem to be having trouble connecting to the Pilotaware Servers, starting this morning. The ATOM Grid is in the roof space. Another ATOM Grid I use, at the airfield is working OK.
My DNS at home is provided via a Pi Hole, is there anything I should white list to ensure it isn't causing a problem?
EDITAdd: Disabling the Pi Hole doesn't bring the ATOM Grid online. The ATOM Grid also seems to be trying to periodically reboot :AddEDIT

General Discussion / Pilotaware config changes
« on: May 07, 2021, 09:40:17 pm »
I have a PAw semi permanently installed (ie, fixed, powered, remote dipoles, wired to audio but no holes drilled).
I'm sometimes surprised by the config when I eventually check: Aircraft ICAO code, ranges for audio warnings.

Is it because my tablet has overwritten the config with what it has used last time, or is it because someone else pressed Save on the config page (or I did without thinking)

I think I know the answer, just checking

Technical Support / Vector POLAR display of ModeS
« on: April 21, 2021, 03:57:24 pm »
I fly a Fuji with ModeS + Rosetta and Rockwell Commander 114b with Garmin ADSB in/out and occasionally Rosetta
I used to get a Vector POLAR on ModeS with the Fuji, it's now blank. Has it been disabled?
I also wanted to compare the 114b ADSB Vector POLAR with ModeS POLAR, but there's no ModeS reported.
Has ModeS reporting been removed?
The ModeS charts were always more sparse than technologies with GPS position, presumably because the aircraft's position had to be determined by MLAT which means 3(4?) stations receiving

There's a previously saved ModeS Vector POLAR  display below, but now I just get blank, for the Fuji, with ModeS and PAw fitted

General Discussion / ATOM coverage
« on: April 16, 2021, 11:39:07 pm »
I flew from Blackbushe EGLK to Lands End EGHC today
I used Bluetooth to access the SD warnings generated from PAw, it was a bit quiet, but worked well. I wasn't in my usual plane so the hard wired PAw audio to Audio panel wasn't available. Apart from that the SD warnings worked well and they (or PAw warnings) are needed right now, there's a lot of GA and gliders. I only [edit]say see[/edit] ~30% of what I received, but the increased SA was great.
I checked regularly and it seemed like I was always in receipt of ATOM coverage, therefore also local QNH and METARs.
That was a big help when I decided on a diversion and precautionary stop

I've been looking at the very useful polar map of my PAw coverage.
My setup has 2 dipoles on the passenger side near the A pillar, it's very close to vertical, unobtrusive and with a great view forward. The PAw aerial is highest so it can look down more effectively
I get some shadowing from the 'ugly bags of mostly water' at my 8 / 9 7 / 8 o'clock.

I'd like to double up the dipole antennae with a set on the captain's side by using a pair of splitter pigtails. After reading up a bit, it appears I should ensure that the cable lengths and types match to avoid signals destructively combining, and maybe cable length should be related to the frequency being received.
But I don't know how much that matters in 2, 1, and 1/2m cable.

Any advice from anyone who understands this wigglyamp stuff would be appreciated.

OGN-R PilotAware / Is it OK to use a Pi 3 B+ for ATOM GRID?
« on: February 25, 2021, 04:02:19 pm »
It's all in the title really, I'm getting a spare Pi, I want it to be able to be an ATOM GRID and I want the latest/fastest suitable Pi as it will do other things.
I gave away all my Pi's (to PAw), just before I decided to build a Pi-hole etc (doh!).
I see that the Pi 3 B is OK, how about the B+, there was a delay in using B+ for Rosetta, hence my hesitation.
I've looked through a fair amount of docs and posts, but most refer to the Pi 2!
As I understand it the Pi 4 is too power hungry for Rosetta (+ different port, USB C)
Thankyou in anticipation.

OGN-R PilotAware / OGN firewall
« on: February 17, 2021, 11:29:16 pm »
I've just changed Internet Broadband supplier. I knew that the BT router had a route for remote access for the ATOM GRID, but that's gone now ('cos new router).
What should it be? My ATOM GRID is down atm because of Inet upgrade/internal WiFi stuff, but I'd like to reprogram my Sky Router to be ready once the PoE / extender link gets re-enabled.
Yes I should have noted what it was. I did, but I can't find it / maybe this is useful general info for ATOM GRID owner / managers

General Discussion / VECTOR analysis and obscuration video's
« on: December 30, 2020, 09:47:31 pm »
Keith has put some great video's on Youtube, on the Pilotaware channel
I commend you all to watch them through and give a like, good news needs to be promoted

General Discussion / PAw no aerials
« on: September 14, 2020, 05:57:36 pm »
I've removed the PAw aerials to have them improved. I was surprised to see this generated a lot of false targets at 100ft and 200ft above/below, warning and danger.
I don't know if this says something that is useful or is just an unwanted 'edge/end case' effect. I don't need help with it, just sayin'

OGN-R PilotAware / Was PWMurg down today?
« on: August 30, 2020, 02:29:27 pm »
I lost my ability to have a local (LAN) connection to the PWMurg ATOM GRID today, although on physical inspection if was powered and blinking in what looked like the correct manner.
Should I expect an email if it drops out from the rest of the GRID?
In the end I powered down the LAN and the station and repowered that part of the LAN, once it was up and running I powered on the station and it continued as before, and I have now re-acquired access on the LAN.
I didn't investigate whether it was still accessible over the internet via data.'etc'.com while I couldn't get to it via 192...etc. The disconnection wasn't because DHCP had assigned a new IP, it has a persistant IP from the router.
Any comments advice appreciated...

General Discussion / PAw tells you more.
« on: August 24, 2020, 12:13:33 am »
If you want to be warned about what's out there that's transmitting, PAw tells you more.

It came up in a conversation, catchy innit?

General Discussion / Base stations in contact + PAw rebroadcast
« on: August 20, 2020, 12:05:32 am »
This is just a confession of my ignorance.
I fly with PAw and have received local QNH and METAR, but I've not seen a display that shows how many base stations see me(or It was there and I didn't see it).
I would like Base stations to rebroadcast PAw that are in my vicinity but are masked from me (terrain usually), but I think it's only MLAT and FLARM are?
There are potentially huge consequences to data transmission and presumably some algorithms that could reduce the data requirement.
I'm curious and supportive atb

OGN-R PilotAware / data.pilotaware not showing a/c above 5,000'
« on: August 05, 2020, 07:05:36 pm »
I was tracking a friends flight and he disappeared, I used data,pilotaware as he went out of range of my base station Murg. He didn't disappear from contributor.360radar, but I can't do a history search there, it has to be live and has no Alt radar. Is there a setting I can tweak?

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