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Latest News / Mode-S/3D Software Update by Pre Loaded Card
« on: July 02, 2019, 10:50:32 am »
The latest Mode-S/3D software is packed with new features including the ability to see Mode-S targets as a target with a bearing using MLAT. This release requires a new operating system and kernel so a full manual software download is required. This can obviously be done by reformatting your existing disk (minimum 8GB) and downloading the new software free of charge from

However, this does require that you fully understand how to undertake a full overwrite reformat ON YOUR SPECIFIC COMPUTER using SD FORMATTER.

To help those that want a faster route to the latest software release we are now able to provide new 8GB disks with the software preloaded with step by step instructions on how to install this on your Rosetta so that you can quickly get going with all the new features.

These are now available from the accessories section of the Products Page on the website

General Discussion / EASA General Aviation Forum
« on: June 12, 2019, 08:07:48 pm »
EASA General Aviation Forum
Hi All

I just posted the following on the EASA General Aviation Forum to let a wider audience know about our exciting new software release next week.
The EASA General Aviation Forum is worthy of being supported as it provides a genuinely international forum to share your views. In this case how we should all share our views to help to shape genuinely interoperable Electronic Conspicuity for all in Europe at low cost which is the PilotAware mission.

Perhaps you should let your views be known to help us all move forward?

Latest News / Stop Press - Glideslope to Mode-S3D Launch
« on: June 12, 2019, 04:18:53 pm »
Important News

Here is the announcement, for which I know many of you have been waiting. After over 12 months of development, testing, rework and validation Mode-S/3D will soon be available for all to use.

In a nutshell, Mode-S/3D uses the same OGN-R Rebroadcast network that we have all been using over the last 2 years to see gliders, to uplink MLAT data so that we can, at last, see Mode-S traffic on our screens as a target with a bearing.

We are finalising the documentation and processes for the launch but all being well, we are planning for this to be next weekend 22nd June. This is a significant software release that includes a new Operating System. As this involves significant changes this, unfortunately, cannot be done by .PGP memory stick update. Consequently, a new manual software update will be required. If you are not able to do this PilotAware will be providing a software update service which includes a new SD card.

Changes in the latest software version.

•   The ability to plot Mode-S targets onto a screen or suitable Flight Bags. Please see more on this by clicking the link below.

Bearingless Targets.
•   Improvements in the audio messages.
•   Improved tracking of Mode-C altitude transitions
•   Anti-aliasing of Mode-A->Mode-C signatures
•   Elimination of Mode-A via Mode-S messages

WiFi Disconnects.
Significant improvements to reduce disconnects of Android and iOS devices.
Improved message handling between EFB electronic flight bags.

Flight Data Recording.
Additional logging for diagnostic and offline analysis added

Bluetooth Audio (Rosetta/RPi3).
A beta release of PilotAware audio over Bluetooth tested with a number of compatible devices.

Software Update over Ethernet. 
Future upgrades of the Software and The Operating System will be done automatically over the internet via a wired link to a router. Upgrades via memory stick remain available for minor upgrades.

Software Start Up. 
The time that the software takes to boot from start has been significantly, reduced

Bug Fixes and Minor Changes
In addition, the website will be having a revamp including the introduction of a PilotAware Knowledge Base

We will be introducing Mode-S/3D as a Nationwide extension of the trial allowing all PilotAware users to opt in by downloading the latest Software. Before releasing the software, we will be requesting that you read and understand how Mode-S/3D works its operation and its limitations.

To learn more please have a look at the following document.

It won’t be long now. Thank you for your patience.

Fly Safe
PilotAware Team

Latest News / Important CAP1777 And Why We Should All Respond
« on: May 12, 2019, 04:20:39 pm »
IMPORTANT CAP1777 And Why You Should All Respond And Encourage Others To Respond As Well

CAP1777 is the latest document issued by the CAA in their process towards the goal of mandating Electronic Conspicuity at 1090Mhz in all airspace across the UK. As Southampton joins the queue to grab more Class G airspace there is more evidence that sports aviation in the UK is under an increasing threat.  Please take the time to have a look at CAP1777 and respond by the closing date of May 25th 2019. Silence will be seen as acceptance.

There are 6 questions to be answered some open some closed so please let your views be known.

The following document has been produced as a single interpretative precis. This may not be your view but is provided to help frame your response.

Perhaps your other favourite forum(s) should be informed of the imminent deadline and importance of a response.

Here is the document

Latest News / Great News For PilotAware Users on the EASA Register
« on: March 15, 2019, 12:04:31 pm »
Great News for EASA Aircraft Owners

There is good news for owners of GA aircraft on the EASA register that have a transponder, which is capable of ADS-B (extended squitter) but has not had a suitable GNSS position source.
Within the next month, EASA will be releasing an update to CS-STAN Standard Changes and Standard Repairs.  If everything goes well, the update should include CS-SC005a, which will authorise aircraft maintenance engineers to connect GNSS position sources to an ADS-B capable transponder to enable ADS-B OUT.
Three configurations will be permissible under this standard change and Configuration 3 allows certified transponder + ADS-B OUT + uncertified GNSreports SIL = 0 and SDA = 0 (for airborne traffic awareness only).
This is great news for PilotAware users who also have aircraft on the EASA Register as you will now be able to have your PilotAware connected to your ES equipped transponder with the blessing of EASA.
This ruling reflects EASA's view that there should be greater interoperability between the various EC devices that are being voluntarily installed by the GA community in Europe.
The next step will hopefully, be a relaxation in the rules for the installation of external antennas to increase the performance of PilotAware.
Dominique Roland, Head of GA at EASA has a very pragmatic and encouraging attitude towards GA and the introduction of fit for purpose Electronic Conspicuity such as FLARM and PilotAware.
Read the discussion that Dominique has opened on the EASA GA Forum.

I understand that Dominique has done this to open the debate about Electronic Conspicuity in Europe. So join the EASA GA forum and let them know what you think. Whether you want to continue to use the EC of your choice, hopefully, PilotAware, or prefer an ADSB-out mandate for all.

« on: February 03, 2019, 04:59:48 pm »

German Specific Forum / Welcome
« on: February 03, 2019, 02:30:53 pm »
This Forum has been set up to allow discussion between the growing list of PilotAware users in Germany. Please use it to communicate between your flying colleagues especially those that are not fluent in English. Normal Forum Rules apply apply courteous and polite please as you always are.

Please note that we will not be able to answer technical questions from the UK unless they are posted on the British Forum in English sorry. However, there are a growing number of champions in Germany who understand the power of PilotAware and will be able help you directly. Perhaps someone will translate this to start us all off. I think that if I use Google translate then the message will get lost.

Latest News / Mode-S/3D Trial Support
« on: January 04, 2019, 10:10:33 am »
Do You Want to Help?

Since September the development and flight testing of PilotAware Mode-S/3D has been progressing well with good results. With this addition to the PilotAware functionality we hope to provide in-air access to the 5000+ Mode- S transponders in the UK and plot them on a PilotAware RADAR or Electronic Flight Bag when they are local to you. A world first which will hopefully improve your EC as much as the rebroadcast of FLARM targets did, if not more.

We are now expanding the Mode-S/3D trial to include experienced PilotAware users who would like to help by gathering in-flight data and providing feedback on their experience. This expansion will allow us to determine the fidelity, range, precision and latency of the data captured.

Initially this will be in the Midlands Trial area but this will expand as we gain more data and assurance. If you are a regular flyer, a competent PilotAware user and want to join in please visit the Website at for further information and joining instructions.

German Specific Forum / OGN-R In GERMANY
« on: October 17, 2018, 06:59:09 pm »
OGN-R Rebroadcast Stations in Germany

In the United Kingdom PilotAware has linked-up with the Open Glider Network to upgrade existing or install new OGN-R rebroadcast stations to improve the Electronic Conspicuity between light aircraft and FLARM equipped Gliders. This is the first step in greater interoperability between all systems.

There has now been interest shown in upgrading existing or installing new systems in Germany. Only a few sites have been done so far, these being new sites at

Site                      Site Name                        Site Installer                       OGN Name
EDNX                   Oberschleissheim              Markus Stein                       PWEDNX
ETNG                   Geilenkirchen                    Thomas Hein                       PWETNG
Uehrde                 Uehrde                             Christian Meier                    PWUEHRDE

Potential Sites      Site Name                         Site Installer                       OGN Name
EDMJ                   Jesenwang                        Florian Larcher                     tba.
EDAZ                   Schoenhagen                    Christian Meier                     tba.

The good news is that to help with installation PilotAware will supply most of the electronics for free (no charge). This will mean that the club at the site will have to buy the other parts which cost about €200 when bought locally. All instructions are available but in English only! Any offers to translate into German would be very welcome.

Installation instructions are available here.

If you would like to help and would like your free Raspberry Pi, Radio Bridge and case please email to

PilotAware Team October 2018

Latest News / The Next Innovation For All You PilotAware Supporters.
« on: August 29, 2018, 11:00:48 pm »
Here is the News you have been waiting for................ PilotAware Mode-S/3D

Its that time of the year again when we visit our spiritual home at the LAA Rally. So we look forward to seeing every one of you at the PilotAware Stand in the Home Builders Marquee.

About this time, every year, we open up to what we have been doing over the last few months to ensure that PilotAware users stay ahead of the competition for features and value for money, and show you where your low cost licence fees have been re-invested on your behalf. And this year its another BIG ONE.

You wanted to be able to see Mode-S targets on your tablets not just as a bearingless target but with an indication of where they are? Well you have your wish come true and we will demonstrate the future of EC over the weekend at Sywell. Read more about it here.

If you are Flying into the Rally make sure you have your PilotAware and your Mode S transponder, if you have one, turned on and we will be recording your arrival along with FLARM, ADSB, Mode-S/3D and bearingless Mode-C. You wont be able to see Mode-S/3D on your current PilotAware, you will just need a future software release to allow that, but we will be demonstrating it on the stand so you know hat to expect. Oh and yes we will have lots of Rosetta's for sale with a free Anker Power Supply with every one. Look inside your complimentary Flyer goodie bag for your voucher.

Its like going the Motor Show knowing that you will be getting the new model soon.

See you at the Rally. It's promising to be the best one yet.

« on: August 11, 2018, 03:24:54 pm »
Setting Up a New OGN-R Station or Upgrading an Existing OGN Station is now even Cheaper ;D

Thanks to the successful Rosetta upgrade program we have more than a few Pi2B Computers, Bridges and Cases that have been donated to the expansion the OGN-Network. These refurbished units and a P3i Antenna are being offered Free of Charge to anyone who wants to install a new OGN-R station or upgrade an existing OGN station. This can be at a UK or mainland Europe.

This will mean that the cost for installing an OGN-R will now be reduced to about £180. This will have to be funded locally but we can help you to buy the hard to get bits like the +9dB FLARM Antenna, Factory made P3i Antenna, HDF Co-Ax connectors etc. if required. I will even make up the cables and configure the software for your site if required.

Instructions on what to do and information on the OGN project are available here If you want to learn more email and we can get your FREE kit out to you.

Latest news is that we are just about to pass 80 sites installed but want more for project secret.  8)

Thanks for your support. Target 200 stations by next year.

Thanks for your Support


OGN-R PilotAware / Congratulations from EASA
« on: June 22, 2018, 09:00:42 pm »
Last week I spent a very interesting couple of days at the EASA conspicuity forum, in Cologne. There were lots of interesting folks there from Europe including CAA, NATS AOPA in the UK and their European equivalents including the German Gliding association and other interesting parties from France etc. Also manufacturers including FLARM, TRIG, AiR Avionics Garmin and PilotAware of course were represented.

The message from EASA in the end of session summary was one of interoperability between existing systems and the support of systems that have been shown to work and that are the natural choice of the communities. No one size fits all. In this respect FLARM and PilotAware were specifically mentioned.

The EASA Chair and Head of Conspicuity took the time to specifically meet with me at the end of the Forum to learn more about what we are doing with OGN-R and congratulate us on "A wonderful initiative led by the GA Power and Gliding communities in the UK".

Thats you by the way. So give your selves a pat on the back.

They are watching what we are doing and have been encouraged by the growth, the co-operation and the interoperability that we have achieved by our natural enthusiasm for EC and safety in general.

We will be meeting again at the latter part of the year and the OGN-R will be on the agenda so lets make sure we can get to 100 sites installed and prove the continuing ingenuity and support for this amazing project.

Well done everybody. We really are making history and you will be able too say. I was there, in try pioneering fashion.

Latest News / Classic to Rosetta Upgrade Kits Now Available
« on: June 19, 2018, 11:25:46 am »
Kits Now Available

Following the recent announcement, Classic to Rosetta Upgrade Kits are now available for purchase from  These upgrade kits are specifically designed for those customers who are technically competent and are able to dismantle their existing Classic units, re-assemble using the new components required and undertake A FULL MANUAL SOFTWARE upgrade. Instructions will be provided.

Individual support will not be available but support will be available through this forum.

For customers who want an upgrade but are not able to undertake it them selves a full upgrade service will be available soon from PilotAware.

Latest News / Classic to Rosetta Upgrade
« on: June 01, 2018, 07:57:14 pm »
Classic to Rosetta Upgrade

Bit of a long post this one but one a lot have been waiting for.

Building on the success of the PilotAware Classic, Rosetta is our latest product. Developed by customer demand, Rosetta has been produced as a self-contained unit with no external USB devices or cables. To achieve this, and to take advantage of new technology, a new case, new radio transceiver (Bridge), new antenna, new Raspberry Pi and low noise 1090MHz receiver have been included in the all-in-one case design. This also prepares Rosetta for a future hardware upgrade to allow UAT Weather to be received if required*.

PilotAware Rosetta and PilotAware Classic currently share all of the functionality of PilotAware. The difference is in the hardware and aesthetics.

Recognising the attractiveness of PilotAware Rosetta for “carry on” applications without external antenna cables, many users have requested that we provide a service to upgrade existing PilotAware Classic units to a PilotAware Rosetta. We are happy to provide this.

Re-Use of Your Existing Classic Radio Bridge
Each upgrade offer requires that you return your existing working Classic Bridge. These will be refurbished, retested and re-issued free of charge to upgrade OGN stations to OGN-R for the benefit of the PilotAware and FLARM/OGN communities. This is being done to increase the coverage where FLARM/OGN equipped gliders can be seen by PilotAware users and for provision of future data uplink services currently being researched, for the benefit of the whole PilotAware community.

Upgrade Options
To cater for differing customer requirements, we are offering 2 levels of Upgrade.
1.   DIY Upgrade.
2.   Complete Upgrade Service.

Upgrade 1 DIY
For IT, competent customers who want to undertake the upgrade themselves then we will send you all the hardware and instructions required to upgrade your existing PilotAware Classic to PilotAware Rosetta functionality.
In the DIY kit, we will send:
1 Rosetta Case
1 Rosetta Label
1 Tested Rosetta Bridge
1 1090 Antenna
1 PilotAware Low Power RTL SDR
1 1090 Pigtail
Upgrade instructions.
Unique MAC Label
Please note you will re-use the existing
Raspberry Pi 2B and power lead. (We will NOT be supplying a new Raspberry Pi 3)
Existing 4GB/8GB SD Card.
869Mhz antenna and GPS receiver
To get all Rosetta units up to a common standard, you will need to undertake an SD card reformat and a full manual software installation.

Upgrade 2 The Complete Upgrade Service
The complete upgrade service will require the return of your complete working and licensed PilotAware Classic unit to PilotAware Ltd where it will be bought up to Rosetta functionality. The Raspberry Pi SBC, 869Mhz Antenna, GPS receiver and power cable will be reused but all other components will be replaced. The latest software will be installed, including the latest kernel to ensure that your PilotAware Rosetta is ready for future upgrades. The unit will be tested and your individual configuration settings will also be re-installed. The unit will be tested before dispatch.
Note a new Raspberry Pi 3 is NOT included.

Book Your Place in the Program

To ensure that we manage the demand in a fair and controlled manner we will be operating a booking in procedure for each offer.

Upgrade 1 DIY
If you are fully competent in all things electrical and IT literate and want to undertake the upgrade yourself, then we will provide a self-help DIY upgrade solution. This will include basic instructions. We will publish how to book your time slot and how to send your existing bridge back to us. Once we have received the bridge and you have made the payment we will send you the parts by the next post, tracked and signed for. This will minimise any potential downtime for usage. Help & Support for the DIY upgrade will be done via the PilotAware forum, we will set up a discussion board for users to share any issues they may experience.

Upgrade 2 The Complete Upgrade Service
In order that a timely turnaround time, of 5 days from receipt can be achieved, a booking-in process will be employed to ensure that you are without your PilotAware for the minimal amount of time. If you opt for the complete service, this will involve you applying for a slot via an email to which you will receive confirmation letting you know when and where to send your complete PilotAware Classic unit along with your configuration details for the upgrade. Once it is completed we will let you know by email that it is ready. When we have received payment, we will post the upgraded Rosetta to you via the Royal Mail tracked and signed for service.

To be compliant for the upgrade the unit must be a PilotAware Classic and it must be licensed and in full working order on receipt. If necessary, you will be informed of any parts that are broken and also of the price for replacement of these broken parts to bring the unit up to Rosetta standard. This will include the Raspberry Pi SBC, Power Lead, 869Mhz Antenna, GPS receiver or SD card.

The email address to which upgrade requests are to be made will be published on the PilotAware Forum, Website and Facebook as soon as the parts are available and the process is in place to provide the service. Please do not contact us until we have the process in place.

For those customers that bought a PilotAware Classic between 1st January and 15th May 2018 additional pricing concessions will apply. Individual parts will not be available separately.
Prices including VAT and Return UK Postage are as follows.

Classics Bought between 1st Jan -15th May 2018

DIY                              £65                   
Complete Service          £95

Classics Bought before 1st Jan 2018

DIY                              £100
Complete Service          £130

We will publish the process including how to return the units or bridges to us and how to make payment, as soon as it has been established.

*UAT weather is a trial that is not under the control of PilotAware Ltd. At the time of writing there are a small number (4-5) of stations broadcasting in the South East of England. Its future commercial or geographical roadmap is not certain or published. PilotAware recognises that there is some public enthusiasm for this facility and so has developed a hardware upgrade path for Rosetta to receive these broadcasts, if required. It must be made clear that simultaneous reception of Mode C/S traffic and Weather Data cannot be achieved by the Sky Demon app at the same time, due to the limitations of the interface data protocol used. Users should be aware that, this service could be withdrawn or become a subscription service. This is outside of the control of PilotAware Ltd. Caveat emptor. The update for the beta trail weather reception, when available, will be a simple hardware update and a return to PilotAware will not be required.

Alternatively you can continue to enjoy your Pilotaware Classic. These are now available at a discount at The discounted units are not eligible for upgrade at the above prices.

PilotAware Team. :D

Technical Support / POWER .......... The Cause of Most Problems
« on: June 01, 2018, 12:33:49 pm »
Are you having problems?

We get more than enough support calls regarding low GPS pickup, WiFi drop outs, GPS drop outs and the like.

The overwhelming majority of these have been due to POOR POWER SUPPLIES.

One recently returned unit which sounded like a real basket case was working perfectly when tested at PilotAware HQ using a recommended ANKER Power supply.

On further investigation the user admitted to using an iPhone charger!!!!!!!!. PLEASE PLEASE as we mention on all the documentation use a power supply that is capable of supplying 5.2V and 2.1A.

ANKER Power Core or ANKER cigarette lighter charges are good for this and are inexpensive. They are available quickly from Amazon or other suppliers cheaper than we could supply them.

Also if you want an EASA approved unit the Charge 2 Charge 4 units are the best you can get and are available at Great work from Jeremy Curtis.

Its not all bad news. Here is a quote from an anonomous customer who was having lots of problems and then took our simple advice

I received the „Anker power core II slim“ a few days ago and used it with Rosetta and the included Anker cable for several flights – works like a charm now! Now I have 9 satellites at start up an no Wifi  or GPS – disconnects to Skydemon anymore – looks like the power core really matters.


Also make sure that you are using the latest software available from



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