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Latest News / PilotAware License Price Increase.
« on: January 19, 2022, 09:53:36 am »
    PilotAware License Price Increase.

    Unfortunately, after 6 years we have to increase the annual license fee for PilotAware.

    Since 2016, PilotAware has continuously innovated to develop low-cost electronic conspicuity that provides as much functionality and interoperability as possible.

    Development is costly and prices are increasing. Consequently, we now have to increase the subscription by a modest £1 a month to £24 a year plus vat to cover the increased costs. We believe that the increased subscription still remains incredibly good value and will allow us to continue to innovate at a fast pace and provide you with even more incredible features to make our skies even safer.

    During this time PilotAware has continually raised its value through the addition of exceptional features, well over and above the original specification.

    These include;

    •   †Flight recording of all aircraft detected around you
                     o  Useful for airprox assumptions and investigations.
    •   Mode-C/S detection as a bearing less target.
                     o Providing vertical separation of Mode C/S aircraft.
    •   †Voice alerts.
                     o Allowing warnings whilst still maintain a horizontal scan.
    •   PilotAware RADAR screen.
                     o Providing a clearer view of local aircraft.
    •   †Subsidised installation of PilotAware ATOM stations.
                     o Over 300 stations installed in UK - Europe
    •   †Flarm detection and rebroadcast.
                     o Adding over 3500 Flarm targets
    •   †Mode-S/3D.
                     o Adding over 10,000 potential Mode-S targets
    •   Development of the PilotAware software defined network (GRID).
                     o Integrating stations together to provide greater range and capacity.
    •   †METARS
                     o Complementary In flight METARS from all stations within 150KMs
    •   †Historic remote playback of all flights and aircraft detected.
                     o Data provided to Aircrew Visualisation Apps
    •   Automatic software update.
                     o Memory stick
                     o Router
                     o Mobile Phone, IOS and Android.
    •   †PilotAware VECTOR EC fidelity checker
                     o Designed to help all GA pilots get the most out of any EC device.
    •   †PilotAware SkyGRID enhanced relay network.
                     oRevolutionary method of detecting aircraft at low levels and providing missing traffic data.[/li][/list]

      †UK, or World, first implementation

    The increase will take effect on licences updated after February 1st 2022.

    A paper has been put up on the PilotAware website outlining the effect of the CAA's latest ruling on the use of non approved systems at aerodromes.

    The result is that ATOM Stations can now be used for situational awareness but cannot be used for giving advice through a Flight Information Service by an ATCO or FISO.

    We now have over 120 ATOM stations (of the 240 installed) in use at airstrips and airfields, including the military, so this is good news. However, as most of these sites (but by no means all) don't have ATCO's and FISO's a Flight Information Service cannot be provided anyway.

    However, many of the airfields with ATOM's installed include Primary RADAR sites, so over time, we will be able to heed the CAP670 advice and check the information provided against real-world experience. Hopefully, this will provide evidence that some of the data is in fact good enough for inclusion in the provision of FIS reports and thereby contribute to aviation safety as it has recently at Turweston and other sites.

    This reminds me very much of the way that the disruptive technology of the internet totally overtook telecommunications private circuits (with hideously expensive rental costs) and is now indispensable. It took time but it now seems crazy to have paid thousands of pounds a year for a 2 MB/S link when 60MB/s is now available for £20+ a month.  plus sa change!

    The Blog post can be found at

    Also, have a look at the post on this forum on setting up a screen in your clubhouse using a Raspberry Pi in Kiosk Mode.,2139.0.html

    Latest News / Latest PilotAware Software Released for 2022
    « on: January 01, 2022, 04:18:07 pm »
    Happy New Year 2022 to You All from PilotAware.

    To start off 2022 on a high note, PilotAware has issued its latest software release 20220101.

    We would like to thank all of the members of the PilotAware TestFlight Team who have spent the last 3 months testing the latest release. Thanks to you all for your feedback and suggestions.

    As well as providing updates and bug fixes, it introduces exciting new technology that takes yet another innovative step along the road towards complete situational awareness, in the air and on the ground.

    We call this technology PilotAware SkyGRID and you can read all about it on the PilotAware website Blog at

    As well as releasing SkyGRID, we have also updated the website and expanded the Knowledgebase as a single point of contact for information on getting the most out of your PilotAware. This includes the latest Operating Instructions which have been broken down into individual sections for ease of use.

    Visit the knowledge base at

    Sky GRID is just one of the new technologies that we will be releasing in 2022 and the new software includes other features that we can switch on when we are ready.

    Download the latest software now to take advantage of SkyGRID and take your PilotAware Electronic Conspicuity and situational awareness to the next level and see even more aircraft particularly at low levels.

    PilotAware Team
    January 2022.

    Latest News / Happy Christmas with 10% off Antennas and Antenna Kits
    « on: December 08, 2021, 02:30:02 pm »
    Happy Christmas from PilotAware

    We would like to wish you, your family, and your flying buddies a very happy Christmas and a safe New Year in 2022.

    The elves at PilotAware HQ and the 'Test Flight Team' have been busy testing the latest software release and it is amazing.

    Santas' little helper tells me that the new software will detect more aircraft than ever particularly at low levels of flight. In addition, the new software will prepare all in-flight Rosetta Units for the next innovation in Electronic Conspicuity, raising the bar of functionality available only to PilotAware users.

    The innovations include new software that has been downloaded onto all PilotAware ATOM stations, of which there are now more than 230 installed in the UK. New ATOM stations are being installed at a rate of 2 or 3 a week and there is still plenty of free ATOM stuff available if you want to install one at your site. Otherton is one of the latest installations which has prompted additional sites at RAF Cosford and Fisherwick near Tamworth. An ATOM station includes the best Virtual RADAR Screen input available today at any price. If you want to join in the fun email us at

    To get the most out of the new software and improve the range and performance of your existing carry-on Rosetta we recommend the installation of remote antennas and a GPS mouse. This allows you to hide the main PilotAware unit behind the dashboard or elsewhere out of sight making for a neat unseen installation with no wires showing and with improved performance all round. Kits and antennas are available for all types of aircraft including microlights, gyros and helicopters.

    To celebrate the holiday and allow you to get your aircraft prepared, we're offering a 10% discount on all remote antennas, remote antenna kits, and Rosetta units with remote antenna bundles, including external or internal antenna kits. Rosetta units sold with external bundles also qualify for the DfT CAA EC grant, giving a further 50% off (up to a maximum of £250). PilotAware units will never be this inexpensive again.

    This offer applies to equipment bought directly from the PilotAware store at and will continue until January 1st 2022. Enter 'CHRISTMAS21' at the checkout to claim your discount.

    If you don't receive the PilotAware 'Email News' please sign up using the following




    Following a recent visit to install ATOM Stations in Cornwall, we met with the Chairman of the Dartmoor Mountain Rescue Teams who let us know that it would help their rescue efforts immensely if they had a real-time view of aircraft flying over Dartmoor. It would be particularly helpful to be able to track the Devon and Cornwall Air Ambulances and the Coastguard Helicopters when they attend rescues, particularly in poor visibility.

    So for the last 3 months, PilotAware has been working with them to provide a feed from the ATOM GRID to do just that. All aircraft detected using, ADSB, PilotAware, Mode-S, Flarm and Fanet+ are now plotted on the MRMaps system that they use for command and control. This enhancement to the MRMaps system has also been rolled nationally to all volunteer search and rescue groups in the UK.

    In response, the Dartmoor Mountain Rescue Teams are negotiating to install an ATOM Station on Dartmoor to further enhance traffic capture. This will also be of great value to speed up location if an aircraft with EC was to go down on the moor.

    For more information please see the blog below and spread the word to your flying colleagues.

    French Specific Forum / Welcome
    « on: March 19, 2021, 09:15:43 am »
    This Forum has been set up to allow discussion between the growing list of PilotAware users in France. Please use it to communicate with your flying colleagues especially those that are not fluent in English. Normal Forum Rules apply courteous and polite please as you always are.

    Please note that we will not be able to answer technical questions from the UK unless they are posted on the British Forum in English sorry. However, there are a growing number of champions in France who understand the power of PilotAware and will be able to help you directly.

    Looks like there is a poll on the GA Aviation Community Facebook page to see what Electronic conspicuity you use. It would be rude not to vote.

    Latest News / Free Upgrades for Existing OGN Sites
    « on: January 30, 2021, 10:37:26 am »
    PilotAware Provides Free Upgrades for Existing OGN Stations to ATOM GRID Network.

    Following a greater than expected uptake of PilotAware units as part of the 2020 DfT/CAA Grant PilotAware has decided to use its good fortune to give even more back to the General Aviation Community.

    To provide greater situational awareness, at and around active gliding sites PilotAware will provide further financial assistance to aviation club and users that have a suitable existing OGN installation to upgrade them to the full functionality of PilotAware ATOM GRID sites.

    The upgrade will allow PilotAware users to see the Flarm equipped aircraft in your circuit and beyond thus increasing aviation safety.

    The upgrade will also provide a complete Virtual RADAR view of all aircraft detected directly by the site augmented by neighbouring ATOM GRID sites. This will include aircraft transmitting PilotAware,  Flarm, Fanet+, and ADSB in real-time and Mode-S with a small MLAT delay.

    Accessing the Virtual RADAR screen via a password protected link, the launch winch or tug master will be provided with real time situational awareness of aircraft in the circuit landing or bandits flying through the zone.

    The equipment to be provided free of charge includes 2 antennas, 2 antenna mounts, 2 sets of coaxial cable, 1 software-controlled radio, 1 SMA to mcx pigtail, 1 PilotAware Radio Bridge, and 1 SD card complete with SW.  To complete the installation the club will need to supply the mounting pole and brackets.

    An initial 20 sets of upgrade kits have been allocated and help will be provided to configure the software if required.
    For more information or to apply for your upgrade kit please contact
    For more information on PilotAware ATOM GRID please see the youtube videos at

    PilotAware Atom GRID Introduction

    PilotAware Atom GRID Features and Obscuration

    PilotAware ATOM GRID Mode-S 3D


    Technical Support / Android Beta Release of PilotAware Now Available
    « on: January 29, 2021, 05:36:16 pm »
    Thanks to the great work by Neil Hathaway the beta release of the Android version of the Firmware updater has landed. If you are an Android champion give it a whirl and tell us what you think.

    Great News for PilotAware Android Users

    Thanks to some more fantastic work by Neil Hathaway we now have an Android version of the PilotAware Firmware Updater.
    With this new app, you will be able to remotely check what software version is installed, update it if a later version is available, check that your license is current and renew it via the PilotAware site if it is not.
    The iOS version has received a great deal of critical acclaim and following significant customer demand we are now releasing the Android version as a beta release.
    The app is intuitive with embedded operating instructions.
    Devices using Android differ from iOS in that there are many combinations of hardware, software and concurrent apps so this requires an extended test regime.
    However, if you are a confident Android user please feel free to download and use the complimentary app available using the following link.
    With both the iOS and the Android Apps, the PilotAware Rosetta or Classic device must be running software at least revision 20190621 or later for the app to work.
    The latest public SW release is 20201101.
    Please let your flying buddies and your favourite flying forum know the good news and get your software up to date the easy way!
    I will open a post in technical support if you have problems so the android experts amongst us can share their expertise.

    Enjoy Keith

    Latest News / New Documents On The Website
    « on: January 15, 2021, 05:13:22 pm »

    Latest News / New Pilot Aware You Tube Video
    « on: December 17, 2020, 08:56:03 pm »
    Hi all

    A new PilotAware YouTube Video has been posted showing the effects of airframe obscuration and introducing PilotAware VECTOR

    Please subscribe, like hit the bell and let your favourite forum know.



    PilotAware Launches PilotAware VECTOR using the power of the ATOM GRID

    The UK DfT/CAA electronic conspicuity (EC) grant has shown impressive forward thinking and leadership for UK General Aviation. The grant not only provides pilots with assisted access to their EC hardware of choice, but also shows commitment and drive towards greater safety for all aviators. Well done!

    Whilst PilotAware is a low-profit organisation we have obviously benefited from increased sales due to the grant and so have decided to use our good fortune to give more back to UK aviation in a way that benefits everyone.

    To do this the PilotAware ATOM GRID ground stations have all been enhanced to track and plot the performance of all EC signals transmitted. These can then be tabulated by each unique aircraft ICAO code. So pilots can now see how well the installed EC is doing.

    We call this new and exciting development PilotAware VECTOR.

    Verification of Electronic Conspicuity Transmission Obscuration and Range

    Using VECTOR all pilots will be able to gain polar diagrams, of their individual EC transmission performance as they fly within the UK. The diagrams provided will show how well the EC signals are being transmitted from the aircraft and whether they are being obscured or attenuated by the occupants or the airframe.

    Using the results, carry on EC devices can then be positioned to achieve the best performance possible. Alternatively remote internal or external antennas can be added if required to overcome airframe obscuration.

    The last 30 days of data collected by the ATOM GRID network is used to plot the diagrams so the data available will be dependent on the amount of flying you have done in the last month. No flight No data. No diagrams The more flying the better the diagrams.

    PilotAware VECTOR is now available on the PiotAware website for you to check your Rosetta installation. VECTOR will also be able to check the performance of all EC devices including; ADSB from a transponder, Flarm and Power Flarm, PilotAware, Cap1391 devices (SKY Echo 1 and 2), OGN trackers and Fanet+. Mode S transponders will be added at a later date.

    So to access VECTOR and get your individual charts, visit

    Happy Christmas from PilotAware and get VECTORing.

    Latest News / DfT Provides Funding for Electronic Conspicuity
    « on: October 05, 2020, 02:29:13 pm »
    Great News from the DfT and the CAA

    The CAA has announced that using funding provided by the Department for Transport, they will be providing grants for electronic conspicuity devices up to a maximum of £250.

    This is really good news that shows that the government and the CAA are now committed to EC integration in the United Kingdom.

    The grant is available to all UK pilots (not aircraft) and includes all types of electronic conspicuity including PilotAware. This initiative shows that there is a recognition that no one electronic conspicuity device can meet all requirements and that financial assistance will help in voluntary equipage of your preferred device or devices.

     As all of our supporters will know PilotAware Rosetta and the ATOM GRID network provides more interoperability than any other device available at any price and we are fully supportive of this initiative to improve aviation safety in the UK.

     The CAA has not wasted the opportunity to produce a chart that shows that ADSB-out gets more yes’s than any other technology but this is of course based on the questions that they have asked which are biased towards ADSB. However there is no mention of a single technology mandate ADSB or otherwise, this is I suggest, because there is not going to be one in the near future.

    PilotAware users will all be winners, as whatever technology is chosen by individuals taking advantage of the grant, PilotAware can with the ATOM GRID detect them all and provide value added services not available to the other technologies.

    Please spread the news that PilotAware Rosetta and all installation bundles will now be available with up to £250 off making a single Rosetta on its own cost £162.50 including vat with more savings if an installation kit is bought at the same time.  Bargain.

     Also, many supporters have asked if we can provide an extension to the 1st year software license (i) so they don’t forget to re-license and also (ii) to make the process easier for them. (iii) Avoid future price increases. So there is will be an option to do this as well, at today's yearly rate of £12 plus vat.

    The full announcement from the CAA s available here.


    Latest News / Latest Software Now Available
    « on: September 11, 2020, 01:00:25 pm »
    Hi All

    We are pleased to announce that the latest PilotAware software (20200906) is now available for immediate general release.

    What’s New in the latest software revision.

    As well as bug fixes and interface updates, the latest version of software contains new features and improvements in the existing functionality.

    New features include:

    1.   Upload of METAR data when in range of an ATOM GRID (OGN-R) ground station or stations.
    2.   Improved connectivity to Electronic Flight Bags using iOS (Apple) or Android devices.
    3.   Bug Fixes and software updates identified since the last release. 
    4.   Upgrades to cater for third party software changes.
    5.   Internal architecture changes to facilitate future upgrades and data transmission.
    6.   Introduction of the PilotAware Firmware Updater v1.75 for the easy update of new software releases.
    7.   Software update using a Router.

    In addition, the PilotAware Firmware Updater† has been released for Apple iOS users making this and future updates very easy. † Courtesy of Neil Hathaway, thanks Neil.

    Updating your software from the previous release 20190621, is now easy with 4 options to get the new update.

    1.   PilotAware Firmware Updater. Currently this is only available for Apple devices but an Android version will be available later in the year. This is the easiest way to update your software from the previous release. The app is very intuitive and instructions are available on how to use it on the home page. There are simple steps to follow described on the App. In essence they are;

    •   Using the same single iOS device iPhone or iPad
    •   Download and open the app.
    •   Whilst still connected to the internet download the latest software as prompted to the iOS device.
    •   Log on to your PilotAware unit (Rosetta or Classic) WiFi hotspot
    •   Download the new software from your iOS device to the PilotAware unit.
    •   Restart the PilotAware unit from the App as instructed
    •   Log back in to PilotAware WiFi when the PilotAware unit has restarted

    2.   By Memory Stick using update file.  Another popular and easy method is to use a memory stick and downloading the new software via a pgp update file. How to do this is described in the following document.

    3.   Updata via router. If you have software 20190621 installed then your Rosetta software is ready to be updated by connecting to a Router. This is describe on page 19 of the 20190621 Operating Instructions available from

    4.   Manual Update. If you have not kept your software up to date and it is earlier than 20190621 then you will need to undertake a full manual update. How to do this is described in the following instructions available from the PilotAware Website .

    5.   Pre-Loaded card. If you are unable to or do not want to upload the free software for a manual upgrade, we also supply a new 16Gbit SD card pre-loaded with the latest software and with instructions on how to install it. This is now available from the website .

    The Operating Instructions for the latest software release are available at



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