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Technical Support / Just getting to use it
« on: June 26, 2016, 11:00:13 pm »
I have just started using the PAW in a Piper Tri pacer with aerials mounted on front cowling powered by higher ampage cigarette lighter adaptor.

Couple of quick questions:

I am fairly frequently loosing the connection between the ipad/Sky Demon and the PAW unit. Does the connection automatically drop when the ipad screen saver comes on? If so is there a fix or do I need to disable screen saver when flying?

I fly out of Shoreham and see all the commercial Gatwick traffic but don't remember, after several trips, seeing any local non commercial traffic. Any checks I should do to see if it is working properly?

Many thanks


Very excited to get my new unit today.
Followed instructions ok to assemble and get the 1 year licence key.
When I entered the IP address to get to the configuration page to update the licence code it takes me to the configuration page for my TP link Powerline extender instead. Tried on several different devices with the same effect.
Is there another route to the configuration page or how can I fix?

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