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General Discussion / EasyVFR Basic (FREE) Software
« on: June 12, 2017, 10:54:10 am »
Hi all

You might want to add this to your list of available software to work with PilotAware.
Formally "Airspace Avoid UK" it has been thoroughly revamped and just released as EasyVFR Basic. Available on both iOS & Android.
It has, as the  previous incarnation did, NATs approved Notams and the usual monthly updates to airspace changes, but now is fully Flarm/GDL90 compatible and dispays the same visual and Audio PilotAware alerts as the full blown system.  Brilliant for anyone who wishes to dip their toes in the water before committing to a full Nav system but even better as a back-up to carry on your phone.
You cannot plan a route on this version but it does accept import of .GPX & .XML files from other devices. 
You will also be able to wifi routes from other devices running EasyVFR as you could into AAUK (useful for a group fly-out maybe) but a slight hic-up in the first release has seen the button to accomplish this missing.   Another hic-up means that changes to magnification levels within the map objects etc are not saving when the App is closed.
Both to be sorted very soon.
Definitely worth a look for anyone looking to use a low cost device (no GPS required) to obtain the benefit of PAW.

Of course there is the option within the App to upgrade to the full version but it is not a time limited offer and definitely worth a look.


General Discussion / Bluetooth Audio
« on: June 10, 2016, 03:59:02 pm »
*NOTE* This post was moved from the thread "Colour Change" so most of the contextual reason for this post will be found in that thread

Hi Lee  (and others on the bluetooth subject)

There are some Bluetooth audio transmitters available cheaply. They are self powered or run off USB. Add one of these and bingo a bluetooth PAW.


I thought about this, but if you are using bluetooth headsets - who does the negotation ?
in other words you normally have some menu dialog on your host device that browses for BT devices and connects.

In this instance you effectively have 2 devices, how do they get connected ?

If it is your iPad or iPhone, not a problemn, but for a Bluetooth headset, the smarts need to be added to pilotaware to
browse to your headset and connect


Prior to voice alerts being implemented in PAW I was trying to achieve a bluetooth link from my EasyVFR nav system to my headset.
Unfortunately most, if not all of these Bluetooth transmitters/receivers have a battery saving sleep mode that kicks in after a few seconds of no sound being passed.  I tried one direct into the spare input of our intercom and when linked to the tablet it did work but alas most of the voice alerts were clipped unacceptably at the beginning until the bluetooth device "woke up".
 I was in contact with Rob Weijers (Lee's equivalent at EasyVFR) regarding this only to discover that he was also trying to achieve the same.  He has now introduced a "wake up" sound to the front of all of the voice alerts to prevent the clipping of the warnings when using Bluetooth.  It is selectable within the programme settings so as not to annoy normal audio users.

It works on the ground but I have not had a proper airborne test with this setup yet with other radio traffic.

I have no doubt that the same would be true of the voice alerts in PAW if using these devices to transmit Audio to your headset.


General Discussion / Moving Forward
« on: December 09, 2015, 09:24:47 pm »
Hi Guys and Gals

Now that we have arrived at this holding phase whilst we await the arrival of the new RF shield it begs the question, “how do you hold on to the momentum which has built up around this innovation?”  There is a real danger that once the focus is lost on a project like this it is difficult to re-energise it again.  It is the RF part of PAW that is of the greatest interest to me, and I suspect many others, as this is what is going to make the smaller GA traffic “visible.”  I don’t have too much trouble seeing the ADS-B traffic as it is usually much bigger and higher than me and easier to spot.  It’s the little guys creeping up behind or below me that are more invisible to the No1 eyeball.
Maybe there is time now to look at the Mode A & C transponder traffic as others have mentioned earlier as unless you can persuade all of these to take a PAW they are still going to be missing from our screens.  Somehow you have to keep people talking about this and attracting even more followers on the forum
Already the pace of postings on the forum is slowing as the hot topic has cooled and there is little left to discuss about the ADS-B part of the system which is working very well.  I sincerely hope that this does not fall off peoples “radar” (oh dear)  ::) and the current level of interest can be maintained and multiplied many times over.
A great project guys that deserves every success.  ;D


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